NTU Institute of Science
and Technology for Humanity (NISTH)

An Interdisciplinary Research Institute for Science, Technology and Society


NTU Institute for Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH) is a collective of researchers, students, industry professionals, policy makers, and members from civil society.  We aim to design a future society through responsible interdisciplinary team research by integrating STEM and non-STEM expertise and methods.

NISTH provides education and training at the Undergraduate, Graduate, Continuing and Executive level. We prioritize public participation and co-design with partners, and Informs governance and policymaking toward solving societal challenges.


Director's Message


Assoc Prof Sulfikar Amir

Acting Director of NISTH    

As one of the top universities in the world, NTU continues to search for new areas of research not only for the advancement of science and technology but also for the betterment of society. NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH) is the materialization of this agenda. NISTH is one of the university-level research institutes that aims to contribute to the production of new knowledge and innovation with stronger ethical, social, economic, and cultural considerations. It is a research excellence that brings the interdisciplinary field of Science, Technology, and Society (STS) to engage with various issues in our society, both at the local and global levels. With a strong commitment to multidisciplinarity, NISTH serves as a venue for all faculty members across colleges within NTU to interact and collaborate in addressing societal problems especially related to emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, synthetic biology, nanomanufacturing, sociotechnical resilience, automated healthcare, and so forth.

There are three thematic areas of research NISTH is set up to focus on. These include (1) Emerging Urban Asia, (2) Governance and Leadership, and (3) Responsible Innovation. Each of these areas presents exciting challenges to study and to explore. With the resources we have at NISTH, we are keen to build collaborations with any research groups, institutions, and scientific entities across the world.  NISTH is also open to cooperation and partnership with government agencies and corporate industries because we truly realize the importance of bringing ideas, concepts, and frameworks from the academic world to solve real-world problems.

On our website, you will find information about our institute, our programmes, and our fellows. Feel free to explore the content of our website. Should you have any questions or enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


NISTH connecting Science and Technology with Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


NISTH seeks interdisciplinary, cutting-edge research designed to positively impact society while also leading to substantial scholarship that results in peer-reviewed outputs and successful follow-up grants.

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NISTH's esteemed network of academics, scientists & scholars, ignite new conversations, engage in novel team research & develop globally impactful innovation.

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digital platform


NISTH digital platform facilitates, identifying and matching diverse expertise of researchers at NTU to address real-world problems through various available funding programmes and initiatives.

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