Published on 07 Oct 2020

4th ACE Grant Call (Outcome)

The 4th ACE Call, which was launched on 19th May and closed on 10th July 2020, was a thematic round seeking proposals in two broad themes: i) Food Science and ii) Responsible Technology.

A total of 15 research proposals (9 in Food Science, 6 in Responsible Technology)  were received with COS, COE and COHASS as the top participating colleges.

During the call period, Prof Michael Khor, Director of Talent Recruitment and Career Support (TRACS) Office, conducted several ACE Clinics to assist faculty in preparation of their ACE proposals.

I am pleased that the ACE scheme has successfully achieved its objective in encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations among faculty at NTU schools and colleges to catalyse bold and unconventional research in addressing global research problems.

An ACE review panel comprising NTU Research Directors, Associate Deans (Research) and Associate Chairs (Research) of Colleges and Schools spent considerable time reviewing the proposals carefully and thoroughly.
Based on the evaluation and comments of the ACE review panel, we have selected the following four (4) proposals for the 4th ACE awards. Each project will receiving funding for 2 years.​

S/N Proposal Research Team
1 [Food Science]
A portable scent screening system for food freshness monitoring
Chen Xiaodong (MSE) - PI
Ling Xing Yi (SPMS) – Co-PI
Zheng Yuanjin (EEE) – Co-PI
Balázs Zoltán Gulyás (LKCM) – Co-PI
2 [Food Science]
Towards a green future: improving urban farming under tropical weather conditions, for locally-grown vegetables of high quality
Ma Wei (SBS) - PI
Huang Changjin (MAE) – Co-PI
Jimmy K. Hsia (MAE) – Co-PI
Chen Wei Ning, William (SCBE) – Co-PI
Shirley S. Ho (WKWSCI) – Co-PI
3 [Responsible Technology]
Unlocking human superpowers through AI-aided health and wellness model to enhance sleep quality
Josip Car (LKCM) – PI
May O. Lwin (WKWSCI) – Co-PI
Theng Yin Leng (WKWSCI/ARISE) – Co-PI
Chia Yong Hwa Michael (NIE) – Co-PI
Vivien Huan (NIE) – Co-PI
Ho Moon-Ho Ringo (SSS/ARISE) – Co-PI
Joty Shafiq Rayhan (SCSE) – Co-PI
 [Responsible Technology]
Robots as Medical Professionals: Unpacking and Mitigating Public’s Resistance towards Rehabilitation Robots
Sharon Ng (NBS) – PI
Domenico Campolo (MAE) – Co-PI
Gabriel Aguirre Ollinger (ARTICARES Pte Ltd) - Collaborator
Wee Seng Kwee (Tan Tock Seng Hospital) – Collaborator

The ACE projects under ‘Responsible Technology’ share similar bearing as the thematic clusters in NISTH (NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity) and therefore will be embedded within NISTH. We believe that embedding these ACE projects within NISTH will facilitate vibrant interdisciplinary networking as well as further develop this important area.  
The Talent Recruitment and Career Support (TRACS) Office will contact the awardees on the details and terms of the grant.

The ACE project funding aims to seed innovative and interdisciplinary ideas that will lead to competitive proposals. Therefore, we hope that all ACE teams will take this opportunity to apply for competitive external funding.

Please join me in congratulating the successful 4th ACE Call teams.  We look forward to the teams making impactful achievements from their respective projects.

Thank you.


Prof Lam Khin Yong
Senior Vice President (Research), NTU

4th ACE Grant Call