NISTH Seed Grant - Outcome

29 May 2020 09.00 AM - 10.00 AM Industry/Academic Partners

The NISTH inaugural Seed Grant:  ‘Where Tech meets Humanity’: How Humanity Survives COVID-19, was launched to seek interdisciplinary collaborative projects that measure, adopt, deploy, evaluate or develop AI, data science, robotics and autonomous systems and software combined with social science and humanities approaches.

​The grants objective is to support:

​Interdisciplinary collaboration between the technical and the social sciences and humanities that have a high potential to lead to findings with societal impact;

  • feasibility studies that lead to larger scale Academic-Industry-Government collaboration aimed at the assessment and adoption of technological interventions that support countering the consequences of infectious diseases generally and COVID-19 specifically and
  • the development of a larger grant proposal in the direction of the proposed research.

After lengthy evaluation and assessment, the following proposals were awarded funding:

1. COVID-19 and Racism: Preventing Discrimination in the Age of Precision Medicine

Research Team:
Ian McGonigle
Kim Hie Lim 




2. Biomedical Reports and Social Diversity: the case of COVID-19


Research Team: 
Shirley Sun
Sharon Ng
Catherine Wan
Joanne Ngeow
Jeremy Lim
Ann Hui Ching
Benjamin Kuan


3. Title: Integrating Regulatory and Migrant Perspectives of Sewage Surveillance


Research Team: Monamie Haines
Laavanya Kathiravelu
Stefan Wuertz




4. Screening and accuracy nudging to combat misinformation on COVID-19: AI-based prototype development and pilot intervention​


Research Team: 
Kim Hye Kyung
Zhang Jie
Kang Hyunjin
Edson C. Tandoc Jr​




5.  Leveraging on COVID-19 on Quantifying Our Molecular Senses


Research Team: 
Sierin Lim,
May O.Lwin




5. Serial Cross-sectional studies from ethics, legal and social perspectives on the adoption of TraceTogether by patients and visitors to TTSH ​ 



Research Team:
Hannah Yee Fen Lim
Angela Chow Li Ping




We congratulate all the successful research teams and look forward to hearing more about ​the findings and outcomes of their projects, soon.