NISTH Societal Impact Fellows Network

NISTH Fellows - Sep 2021

​The NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH) aims to support excellent interdisciplinary team research with societal impact at NTU. NISTH will bring together academics and researchers from diverse fields – such as robotics, history, neuroscience, AI and social science – as well as members of government and industry to guide the development of technology for the betterment of humanity. To help us in this mission we have now created a NISTH Societal Impact Fellows Network (NISTH Fellows).​

We aim to establish an esteemed network of academics to recognise and support NTU faculty who work together across disciplines, contribute to solving the large societal questions Singapore is facing; and who are able to effect change in the wider community with their research. This network of scientists and scholars will be instrumental in igniting new conversations, engage in novel team research, joint international programs and global engagements to develop impactful innovation.

NISTH will support its Fellows in the following ways:

  • Provide opportunities for funding with targeted grant calls
  • Offer support for the development of interdisciplinary collaborative grant proposals
  • Provide matchmaking services for your involvement in leadership training, international joint programs with other institutions and opportunities for industry engagement


Fellows In Focus

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NISTH seeks to showcase the exemplary research of our Societal Impact Fellows. We learn more about them and their projects through short interviews or discussions.