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In the era of Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is an urgent need for the University to prepare students for a rapidly changing future and gain a deep understanding of the impact of the fourth industrial revolution on people and society.

There is also a need for us to address the many critical challenges confronting Singapore and the world through research and innovation. We must redouble our efforts in nurturing students, pursuing knowledge and providing solutions especially in Singapore’s context to create value for society.

Our focus is on impact. We aim to realise real and positive change in the world by combining the Sciences, Technology, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences to tackle complex problems. We bring together key actors, thinkers and leaders to shorten the curve and execute change for the benefit of humanity.

NISTH aims to answer important questions related to the world’s societal challenges, for NTU it bridges the scientific disciplines and has the goal to translate science for society.  NISTH’s involvement revolves around three immediate themes: Responsible Innovation, Governance and leadership in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Emerging Urban Asia.



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    Research Areas

    NISTH grants seek to support interdisciplinary cutting-edge research that is designed to positively impact society while also leading to strong scholarship that results in leading peer-reviewed outputs and successful follow-up grants.

    Our grants' objective is to support:

    • ​Interdisciplinary collaboration between the technical and the social sciences and humanities that have a high potential to lead to findings with societal impact;
    • feasibility studies that lead to larger scale Academic-Industry-Government collaboration aimed at the assessment and adoption of technological interventions that help in alleviating social problems and concerns;
    • the development of a larger grant proposal in the direction of the proposed research.


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    NISTH Programmes aim to promote scholarly exchange and enrich the intellectual environment of the University. They enhance the academic standing and research of the University by formulating research collaborations and  facilitating healthy exchange of ideas that lead to fruitful partnerships.