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To deeply understand the social context of science and technological innovation and its consequences for humanity.

Launched on 11 March 2019, the mission of the NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH) is to deeply understand the social context and consequences of science and technological innovation for humanity. Here, we imagine a time period of 20 years from 2020 to find solutions to the global challenges that society is facing today. NISTH brings together key actors, thinkers and leaders to execute change for the benefit of humanity.

NISTH’s focus is on impact; we want to realise real and positive change in the world by working on big societal questions in Singapore and globally concerning inequality, environmental pollution, global conflict, and ethical issues regarding scientific and technological innovation

NISTH represents 86 experts from across NTU's faculties. These key actors, thinkers and leaders in Science, Technology, Arts, Humanities, Business, Education and Social Science work together at the intersections of disciplines to make positive change happen.

NISTH brings together unusual combinations of scientists, scholars, engineers, industry, government, NGOs, non-profits and citizens to discover innovative solutions to complex problems, benefit humanity and translate science to society.

NISTH initiates and supports interdisciplinary research at the cross-roads of STEM and non-STEM fields to realise excellent research, funding, outreach and a deep insight into the impact of science and technology on society.

The NISTH Story

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The Institute seeks to offer a vibrant intellectual home to visiting fellows, postdoctoral fellows and PhD students. Led by the Institute Director, with guidance from a panel of eminent international advisors and support from a dedicated professional team, it will be organizing a biennial flagship symposium involving academic, government, and industry leaders.

It will also work closely with all NTU’s Schools and Colleges to jointly host various activities such as academic conferences and workshops, public lectures, dialogues with government and industry partners, summer/winter schools for international scholars and graduate students, and short courses. In addition, the Institute will house a Digital Humanities Lab and provide seed grants to research teams to develop substantial grant proposals.

NISTH International Advisory Board

NISTH International Advisory Board (IAB) is a selected group of prominent academics, industry leaders and
policymakers who act as informed advisors on issues of importance to the Institute as it continues to expand its

international scope and efforts.

By fusing the wisdom and commitment of its members, the IAB helps NISTH to enhance its standing as an international interdisciplinary institute of excellence in research, thought leadership and public education.

Mr Peter HO (Chair)
Senior Advisor, Centre for Strategic Futures, Singapore;
Former Head, Singapore Civil Service
Mr Esko Tapani AHO
Former Prime Minister of Finland
Ms CHANG Hwee Nee
Chief Executive Officer, 
National Heritage Board, Singapore
Prof. Nicholas B. DIRKS
Former Chancellor,
University of California, Berkeley
Prof. Sheila JASANOFF

Pforzheimer Professor of Science and Technology Studies,
Harvard University

Mr Enrico LETTA

Dean, Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA), SciencesPo,
Former Prime Minister of Italy


Prof. Helga NOWOTNY
Professor emerita of Science and Technology Studies, ETH Zurich
Former president of the European Research Council
Managing Director,
Head of Center for the 4th Industrial Revolution & Global Network,
World Economic Forum LLC
Prof. YANG Wei
Former President,
National Natural Science Foundation of China,
Former President, Zhejiang University, China


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