Lien Environmental Fellowship (LEF) Program

Lien Environmental Fellowship (LEF) Program (previously known as NEWRIComm) partners benefactors to create a better-shared future in Asia through capacity building, innovation, and implementation of holistic solutions in the domain of water and sanitation. The Lien Environmental Fellowship method does not encourage the donation of only devices and counting direct beneficiaries in projects. It articulates the sharing of responsibilities among the “receiving” partner, a local partner capable of absorbing the knowhow, the local government, and NEWRI.

In such a setting the impact exceeds the change brought to the direct beneficiary but also to the technical partner who shall be able to further disseminate the know-how, and the awareness planted in the authorities and oftentimes thereafter leading to further action beneficial to environmental sustainability.

Since March 2010, LEF has been managing The Lien Foundation-NTU Environment Endeavour. With the vision to provide a better life through environmental education, and to bring clean water and sanitation to communities in the region, LEF activities connect numerous communities.​
Geographical footprint
NEWRIComm map
Lien Environmental Endeavour today
2 Million beneficiaries through improved clean water and sanitation systems
9 Countries across Asia
10 Partnering institutions
16 Fellowships


Pilot scale food waste treatment plant



Water treatment system producing 10m3 of clean water daily



Setting up Centre of Excellence for environment management



Fate of arsenic in waste generated from arsenic removal treatment options


Sri Lanka

Remediation of Kandy Lake and setting up of wastewater treatment plant



Built a deep well to provide clean water access and wastewater treatment plant for tofu factory

Get involved 

NEWRIComm welcomes your partnerships and sponsorships through the following potential avenues

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​​Support The Environmental Fellowship ​​​Programme

​Provide support to academics from developing Asia to incubate and implement water technologies to benefit their ​​respective communities

Work On A Country-Specific Environmental Issue

​Collaborate with Lien Environmental Fellowship (LEF) on state-level environmental issue

​​​Be A Lien Environmental Fellow

​Lien Environmental Fellowship (Program is currently not open for application​)

​Fund Project Infastructure Or Collaborate With Lien Environmental Endeavour's EFE

​Fund or collaborate with Lien Environmental Endeavour on long-term developmental goals at regional/country level, through Lien Environmental Endeavour's Environmental Fellowship Endowment (EFE)

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