Residence Rules and Regulations

All guests are advised to read and comply with the rules and regulations governing accommodation in the Nanyang Executive Centre of the Nanyang Technological University. Any guest who fail to comply with any of these rules and regulation may be asked to vacate the room with immediate effect and the balance of the accommodation fees be forfeited. They may also be barred from accommodation thereafter.

General Rules

a. Guest/s may reserve in advance for accommodation at the NEC for in-residence program. All reservartions will be considered.

b. Unauthorised entry to a room is a serious offence. Trespassers may be handed over to the Police.

c. Guests should not throw rubbish, refuse or article or thing of any description over balconies or through windows or any part of the premises and should place such articles or things or rubbish or refuse into proper bins or containers.

d. Any guest caught committing a crime or theft of any kind may be evicted from the rooms and handed over to the Police.

e. Guests should be in proper attire in public areas and common rooms of the NEC.

f. Strictly no smoking on the premises.

g. Gambling, indulging in excessive drinking, fighting, using habit-forming drugs and using abusive language are strictly prohibited. Any guest caught committing any of these offences in the NEC may be evicted. In addition, all gambling sets will be confiscated if guests are caught gambling in the rooms or such sets are found in their rooms.

h. The fire alarm device, the fire hose-reel and door closer must not be tampered with. If they are tampered with or dismantled, the culprit(s) may be evicted.

i. Animals are not allowed in the rooms or common areas of the NEC.

j. Talking loudly or making excessive noise is not allowed.

k. All premises shall be kept clean and neat. The corridors and common areas are to be free from all personal items which pose as obstacles to cleaning work.

l. Guests are not allowed to bring pornographic materials to or display them in the rooms or anywhere within the NEC. Keeping, receiving or transmitting computer pornographic data files using personal computers are not permitted.

m. Any guest, whose act/behaviour is deemed harmful to the NEC or other guests by the Manager, may be asked to leave the NEC immediately. The balance of the accommodation fees may be forfeited.

Room Furniture/Equipment

Upon collection of room keys, each guest shall check and report to the Centre Manager of any missing or damaged item(s) immediately. Otherwise, it will be assumed that all furniture/equipment in the room is in good order. Guests will be responsible for any loss or damage thereafter.

Loss or Damage Property

Guests will be liable for the costs incurred by the University in replacing the loss of keys and change of the door lockset or damage to the door lockset.

Guests' Belongings

a. Guests shall remove all their belongings from the rooms once they have check out; failing which, the Manager will remove their belongings without any liability.

b. Guests are advised not to keep large amount of money and valuables in their rooms,
and to lock their rooms/units whenever they leave the room.

c. The University will not be responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings.

Illegal Occupant

a. A guest who harbours an unauthorised person in the room may be evicted from the room.

b. Guests are responsible for the conduct of their visitors. Any visitor found behaving in a rowdy manner or caused disturbances to other guests will be barred from entering the Centre.

Regrouping of Guests

Guests in a particular unit are required to move to other rooms if and when, the Manager requires that particular unit to be vacant in preparation for any other purposes.

Exchange or Transfer of Rooms

a. Guests are not allowed to exchange or transfer their rooms without prior approval from the Manager.

b. No guest shall allow another person to takeover his/her room by residing under his/her name.

Rooms & Surroundings

Guests wilfully damaging the building, property or fixtures and fittings in the apartment or, permitting them to be inflicted, damaged in excess of reasonable wear and tear and which in the opinion of the Manager, falls into the foregoing categories, shall be required to defray the cost
of repair or replacement.

Dismantling of furniture provided is not allowed. Guests are required to pay for the cost of assembling and attaching these items to their original state.

Inspection of Rooms

a. The University reserves the right for the manager of the NEC and/or its designated staff to enter and inspect a room in the interests of the guests, to maintain or repair the premises.

b. Entry can be made at anytime, whether or not the guests are present and without prior notice to the guests if there are reasonable grounds to believe that there is the presence of prohibited items or materials stipulated by the rules and regulations of the University. Any such substances, materials or items may be impounded by the Manager without prior notice. Any necessary cost of such removal shall be the responsibility of the guests who introduced the prohibited substances, materials or items.

c. Entry may also make without prior notice, during normal hours, for the purpose of conducting non-emergency inspections and repairs or for the purpose of showing the premises.

In addition to the rules and regulations, please also be reminded that: Airing of laundry (other than in the washroom), food preparation, cooking, foods and/or fruits that emit odour (for example, durians, belaccan, salted fish etc.) are strictly prohibited in the guestrooms.


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