Functional Materials and Composites

Functional Materials and Composites

The Functional Materials & Composites Group focuses on the synthesis, processing and application of materials with advanced physical and chemical properties. Functional materials include materials with unique and extreme functional properties that contribute to applications in the fields of thermoelectrics, magnetism, superconductivity, electrochromics and ferroelectrics, etc. Composites materials are a class of materials where materials enhancements come in the form of matrix enhancement, filler enhancement as well as fiber reinforcement. Applications include structural ceramics, polymer and fiber-reinforced composites as well as nanocomposite particles and structures.

Work on multiferroics focus on both fundamental studies and applications that rely on the cross coupling of ferroic properties like electric, magnetic and elastic order parameters to generate unique functionalities. The synthesis and doping of various nanomaterials feature in the work to enhance and improve the efficiencies of electrochromic materials and devices. These also include developing various electrochromic platforms for commercial applications like smart windows.

Composites materials research play a major role in NTU’s newly set up Institute for Sports Research (ISR). Attention focuses on the utilization of new nanoscale phenomena and synthesis methodology in design and preparation of nanocomposites and hybrid materials to attain unmatched enhancement in mechanical properties or a diverse range of new functions. These can include thermal stability/flame retardancy, impact/fracture resistance, wear/scratch damage, and electrical/thermal conductivities etc. Materials like clay-nanocomposites, advanced polymer composites and fiber composites are also studied in order to enhance the properties and performance of sports apparel, equipment and playing surfaces.

Areas of Research:

  • Polymer Nanocomposites
  • Smart Materials
  • Sports Materials

Some example of projects:

  • Fabrication of organic transistors and photovoltaic cells
  • Non-volatile memory devices based on organic transistors
  • Deposition, characterization and fabrication of full color organic light-emitting diodes for the flat panel display

Staff members: