Defence Materials

Defence Materials

The programme focuses on the development of high value added functional materials and local capability build-up on strategic areas through collaborations with local and overseas expertise. The research activities cover materials innovation, platform integration, technology developments and transfers for various advanced applications in Defence.

Advanced materials continue to play an important role in the breakthrough of technologies for advanced applications via the development of new materials and systems with desirable functionalities tailored specifically to strategic interests in both component and system levels. Through systematic studies and mechanistic understanding of structure-property relationships of the developed novel materials, it is possible to precisely and innovatively control the processing of materials.  From this knowledge, material scientists and engineers of MSE will be able to effectively facilitate the development of unique materials functions which will drive desirable technology innovations. Nano-materials and biomimetics are applied to facilitate the development of new systems and technologies such as protective systems for soldiers, advanced composites, functional ceramics and novel electrochromic materials.

The expertise in MSE is diverse and covers a broad range of areas such as high temperature materials, light-weight materials, metal and ceramics, etc. The School works closely with Temasek Laboratories@NTU, Defence Research and Technology Office, DSO National Laboratories and Singapore Technologies Kinetics on collaborations.


Areas of Research:

  • Advanced Functional Materials
  • High Temperature Polymer Foams
  • Braided Textile Composites
  • Thermoelectric Materials
  • Polymer Composite Materials
  • Electrochromic Materials
  • Materials Modelling
  • Ceramics Materials
  • Protective Materials

Staff Members: