Research Focus

Research is the single most important pillar for MSE. It will drive our growth – in quantity and quality. We emphasize research for all our faculty members and encourage our undergraduate students to participate in research programmes early in their tenure here. We continue to find ways to attract and keep good graduate students, through our exchange programmes and joint-degree programmes with world-class institutions.

We encourage a culture of research mostly through rewarding academic staff for research output, both financially and with research facilities and the like. In addition, we are generous in allocating graduate students to all academic staff members who excel in research. Hence, the ratio of graduate students to academic staff is quite healthy.
We also actively seek foreign collaborations with materials science and engineering schools that are well-known for their research output. We also look for collaborations with the industry to ensure that our research is relevant to economic needs. We already have collaborations with several firms, including Adv Mat Res (AMR) in Canada, Radi Corp in Sweden and Guidant Corp in the US. Such tie-ups will result ultimately in attracting good faculty and research staff/students.