Rare Earth

Location: ABN B2
The research focuses on the synthesis, processing, consolidation and application of rare earth nanoparticles. Various methods have been developed to synthesize these nanoparticles in the oxide, nitride, sulfate and carbide forms. These methods include sol gel, precipitation (direct, co-precipitation, gel precipitation, etc), plasma spraying (direct current and radio frequency), flame spraying (hydrolysis and pyrolysis) and electrostatic atomization.

Several consolidation/application methods are being studied and developed. These include tape casting (aqueous and non-aqueous), spray drying, sputtering and spin coating.

Active areas of research include rare earth oxides for various applications, arrayed quantum dots for nanoelectronics and synthesis and characterization of inverse opal photonic crystals and nanophosphors coupled materials for solar cell application. In addressing the needs of these research projects, the laboratory is well equipped with wide ranging state-of-the-art equipment and characterization facilities.