Ma Jan Memorial Fund

The Ma Jan Memorial Fund was established in July 2013 in memory of Professor Ma Jan. He was an accomplished scientist who co-invented the world's smallest heart pump, a committed educator and former Chair of NTU’s School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). He passed away in June 2012.

With an initial amount of $250,000 raised from donors including colleagues, collaborators, students and friends, and with government matching, the Ma Jan Memorial Fund is dedicated to providing bursaries to students at MSE in perpetuity.

Former NTU Provost, Prof Freddy Boey said, “With the Ma Jan Memorial Fund, talented students who share the passion for materials science and engineering that was so much part of Ma Jan’s life, will not be denied an education at NTU. The fund, and those it supports, will provide a lasting tribute to a much-missed professor who made such a tremendous contribution to materials science education and research during his life.”

Based on available distributable income of the fund, bursaries will be awarded annually to Singapore Citizens pursuing an undergraduate degree at the School of Materials Science and Engineering, NTU.

The award of bursaries will be evaluated according to the student’s financial needs. Recipients may hold concurrent bursaries subject to the University’s approval.

YearNumber of recipients
202132 (as 8 Nov)

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