Course Registration 


​1. Check Personalised Registration Date/Time in Degree Audit.

*Take note of Study Year (for registration)

2. Read School’s Registration Instructions here.

3. General Registration Information can also be assessed from NTU Office of Academic Services website:

4. Plan Courses in STARS Planner. The STARS Planner is a platform for you to map out your timetable.
It does not register your courses.

*STARS and STARS Planner User Guides are available here.
(Personalised Date/Time)
1. Register courses and place electives on waitlist using STARS (Not STARS Planner).

  • NTU Education (BRC) students may overload up to 3 / 4 AUs on top of their normal load without obtaining School’s approval.
2. To confirm courses have been registered successfully, students must Print/Check Timetable of Courses Registered.

3. Results on elective allocation will be released on the week before the Add/Drop Period commences.
(1st - 2nd Week of Semester)
Time: 10.00am to 10.00pm

1. All students are able to register during the scheduled Add/Drop Period.

2. Additional vacancies for courses may be released.

3. Students are encouraged to read the Course Registration briefing slides which can be found here.

4. Students who are unable to register courses and wish to request for special course arrangements will fill up the following forms with respect to the type of request: