Academic Mentoring


The Academic Mentoring Scheme has five objectives:
  • To help students adapt to undergraduate life.
  • To establish rapport and encourage interaction between faculty and students.
  • To provide a channel for student feedback.
  • To keep students informed about School matters.
  • To guide students in choosing appropriate courses of study and career options.
As an apparent academic problem may sometimes be related to student’s personal difficulties, the School also has an in-house professional counselor to complement the scheme by providing additional pastoral care and support.

Academic Mentor Assignment

Each student will be assigned a faculty member upon matriculation as their Academic Mentor. This assignment will remain throughout the student’s candidature.

List of Academic Mentor Assignment:

To find out more about your Mentor, please click here to view their profile.

Meet-Your-Mentor Sessions

Inaugural ‘Meet-Your-Mentor’ sessions will be held once in Semester 1 every Academic Year for the freshmen.​

Schedule for each academic year is as follow:

SemesterMentees (Study Year)SessionMonth
Semester 1Freshmen
(Year 1 & Year 2)
Buffet LunchSeptember

Contact Details:

Academic (Undergraduate) Coordinators

NameEmailOffice NumberRoom Number
Dr Ratih Oktarini[email protected]6904 7477N4.1-01-27
Ms. Katrina Chang[email protected]6790 4142N4.1-01-30

MSE Counsellor:

NameEmailOffice NumberRoom Number
Dr Jeffrey Po[email protected]6790 4381N4.1-01-31a