Professor Chen Xiaodong

Phone: (+65) 6513 7350
Office: N4.1-02-22

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Eligible for 1 PhD scholarship supported by school

Current Research Interests
Currently, Prof Chen’s research focuses mechanomaterials science and engineering, sense digitalization, flexible electronics technology, cyber-human interfaces, and materials for energy storage.

Biographical Information
Professor Xiaodong Chen is the President’s Chair Professor in Materials Science and Engineering, Professor of Chemistry (by courtesy) and Medicine (by courtesy) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU).  He is jointly appointed as the Principal Scientist at the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

He is the Director of Innovative Centre for Flexible Devices (iFLEX) at NTU, the Director of Max Planck – NTU Joint Lab for Artificial Senses, and Deputy Director of Singapore Hybrid-Integrated Next-Generation μ-Electronics (SHINE) Center.

Currently, he is an Associate Editor of ACS Materials Letters.  He also is the member of editorial advisory board of more than ten international journals such as Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, and Small.

He has been elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Engineering Singapore and a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry in UK. In addition, he was recognized by multiple prestigious awards and honors including Singapore NRF Investigatorship, Small Young Innovator Award, Singapore NRF Fellowship, Nanyang Research Award, Lubrizol Young Materials Science Investigator Award, Mitsui Chemicals-SNIC Industry Award in Materials and Nano-chemistry, and Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. 


  • MS4613 Wearable Sensors for Healthcare

Selected Publications

1. Cai, P.; Wang, C.; Gao, H.;* Chen, X.* “Mechanomaterials: A Rational Deployment of Forces and Geometries in Programming Functional Materials” Advanced Materials 2021, 33, 2007977.

2. Luo, Y.; Li, W.; Lin, Q.; Zhang, F.; He, K.; Yang, D.;* Loh, X. J.;* Chen, X.* “A Morphable Ionic Electrode Based on Thermogel for Non-invasive Hairy Plant Electrophysiology” Advanced Materials 2021, 33, 2007848.

3. Li, W.; Matsuhisa, N.; Liu, Z.; Wang, M.; Luo, Y.; Cai, P.; Chen, G.; Zhang, F.; Li, C.; Liu, Z.; Lv, Z.; Zhang, W.; Chen, X.* “An on-demand plant-based actuator created using conformable electrodes” Nature Electronics 2021, 4, 134-142.

4. Zhao, J.; Lu, H.; Zhang, Y.; Yu, S.; Malyi, O. I.; Zhao, X.; Wang, Wang, H.; Peng, J.*; Li, X.; Zhang, Y.; Chen, S.; Pan, H.; Xing, G.; Lu, C.; Tang, Y.*; Chen, X.* “Direct Coherent Multi-ink Printing of Fabric Supercapacitors” Science Advances 2021, 7, eabd6978.

5. Guo, L.; Wang, T.; Wu, Z.; Wang, J.; Wang, M.; Cui, Z.; Ji, S.; Cai, J.*; Xu, C.*; Chen, X.* “Portable Food Freshness Prediction Platform Based on Colorimetric Barcode Combinatorics and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks” Advanced Materials 2020, 32, 2004805.

6. Wan, C.; Cai, P.; Guo, X.; Wang, M.; Matsuhisa, N.; Yang, L.; Lv, Z.; Luo, Y.; Loh, X. J.; Chen, X.* “An Artificial Sensory Neuron with Visual-Haptic Fusion" Nature Communications 2020, 11, 4602.

7. Wang, M.; Yan, Z.; Wang, T.; Cai, P.; Gao, S.; Zeng, Y.; Wan, C.; Wang, H.; Pan, L.; Yu, J.; Pan, S.; He, K.; Lu, J.; Chen, X.* “Gesture recognition using a bioinspired learning architecture that integrates visual data with somatosensory data from stretchable sensors” Nature Electronics 2020, 3, 563-570.

8. Cai, P.; Wan, C.; Pan, L.; Matsuhisa, N.; He, K.; Cui, Z.; Zhang, W.; Li, C.; Wang, J.; Yu, J.; Wang, M.; Jiang, Y.; Chen, G.; Chen, X.* “Locally-coupled electromechanical interfaces based on cytoadhesion-inspired hybrids to identify muscular excitation-contraction signatures” Nature Communications 2020, 11, 3183.

9. Pan, L.; Wang, F.; Cheng, Y.; Leow, W. R.; Zhang, Y.-W.; Wang, M.; Cai, P.; Ji, B.; Li, D.*; Chen, X.* “A supertough electro-tendon based on spider silk composites” Nature Communications 2020, 11, 1332.

10. Zhang, W.; Sun, X.; Tang, Y.; Xia, H.; Zeng, Y.; Qiao, L.; Zhu, Z.; Lv, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Ge, X.; Xi, S.; Wang, Z.; Du, Y.*; Chen, X.* “Lowering Charge Transfer Barrier of LiMn2O4 via Nickel Surface Doping to Enhance Li+ Intercalation Kinetics at Subzero Temperatures” J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2019, 141, 14038-14042.

11. Niu, S.; Matsuhisa, N.; Beker, L.; Li, J.; Wang, S.; Wang, J.; Jiang, Y.; Yan, X.; Yun, Y.; Burnett, W.; Poon, A. S. Y.; Tok, J. B.-H.; Chen. X.*; Bao, Z.* “A wireless body area sensor network based on stretchable passive tags” Nature Electronics 2019, 2, 361-368.