Vascular/Metabolic Diseases

Our team seeks to alleviate major chronic non-communicable diseases that are associated with an acutely ageing population in Singapore, with particular focus on microvessels, muscle, liver and pancreas. Through cutting-edge research on disease aetiology and underpinning pathogenesis, our research spans the spectrum of basic mechanistic research to translational research, targeted at Asian-specific treatment and prevention.

Our work is centred on important public health challenges facing Singapore and the ASEAN region:

a) Metabolic diseases (namely obesity, diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) and its associated complications (multi-organ damage including microvessles and neuronal-damge) is a current major health research priority

b) Insulin-producing cell fragility and overall insulin insufficiency in the Asian Type-2 diabetes population (namely Han Chinese)

c) Health outcomes/management linked to metabolic syndrome is gaining momentum at both national and global research levels

There is tremendous scope to expand the research topics for greater understanding of both metabolic and respiratory diseases within the Asian phenotype (genetic, epidemiology, nutrition) and within the context of the Asian environment (physical inactivity, tropical climate, population-dense cities). Examples of current projects include:

  • Physical inactivity / obesity and links to immune hyperactivation and/ or low-grade chronic inflammation

  • Insulin insufficiency in Asian diabetics

  • Heterogeneity of classical disease entities, subgroup definition, personalised treatment modalities (liver, muscle, pancreatic islets)

  • Microvasculature and tissue blood capillary dysfunction

  • Sarcopenia and ageing

Primary Faculty

Andrew TAN
Andrew TAN
Associate Professor of
Metabolic Disorders
Fabian LIM
Fabian LIM 
PI, Exercise Physiology
Christine WONG
Christine WONG
PI, Metabolic Disorders
Yusuf ALI
Yusuf ALI
PI, Molecular & Cellular
Dysfunction in Diabetes

Joint & Adjunct Faculty

  • ​Stefan Bornstein
  • Guy Rutter (Imperial College London)
  • Per-Olof Berggren
  • Thomas Kay​ (University of Melbourne)