Introduction to mathematical models of the Epidemiology & Control of Infectious Diseases

The team of trainers is led by distinguished Infectious Diseases Expert Professor Azra Ghani (Professor in Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College London and Visiting Professor, LKCMedicine).

Workshop Description

Understanding infectious disease epidemiology and control can be greatly enhanced using mathematical modelling. With infectious diseases including COVID-19 dominating news headlines, professionals across many sectors increasingly need to understand the underlying principles of transmission of infectious diseases and their control. This workshop provides an intensive introduction to these underlying principles, with the materials taught in an accessible way that do not require a detailed mathematical background. This will allow professionals from a range of backgrounds to gain a solid grounding in the basics of infectious disease modelling and its applications, as well as gain practical experience in the process of developing models. This will enable participants to critically evaluate outputs from models as well as to apply these principles to problems encountered in their work.  

The workshop comprises four days of core teaching, coupled with workshop titled, “Modelling for Disease Outbreaks”,  will be taught by Professor Azra.

Who is this designed for
  • Policymakers, public health and disease control professionals.
  • Those who apply modern methods of analysis in the epidemiology and control of infectious diseases.
  • Health economists who are interested in developing models of infectious-disease control programmes.
  • Researchers who use modern quantitative approaches to infectious disease epidemiology
  • Professionals planning to use novel vector control measures.
  • Mathematicians who wish to learn biological concepts in modelling applications.

Jacinta Lynette d/o Patrick Jaya
Graduate Programmes
Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine 
Novena Campus, Clinical Sciences Building
11 Mandalay Road 
Singapore 308232

This workshop is a collaboration between Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and Imperial College London.


Workshop Details

Duration of Core Programme: 4 days

Title: Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Disease
Dates: 13 – 16 Oct 2022 (Thursday – Sunday) 

Optional Workshop: 
Modelling for Disease Outbreaks 
Dates: 17 – 18 Oct 2022 (Monday – Tuesday)

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