Social Visit Pass (only for spouse/children of full-time graduate students)


Application for an Entry Visa

If your spouse and children require an Entry Visa to visit Singapore, they may apply for one at a Singapore mission in your home country.

Application of Long-Term Visit Pass

You may approach us for a letter of support for the application of long term visit pass for your spouse and children after they have arrived in Singapore. Please book an appointment (select Application) with One Stop @SAC and provide us the photocopy of the documents as follows on your appointment date.

  • Form 14
  • Form V39I
  • Recent passport-sized colour photograph(s) of the applicant
  • Electronic Visit Pass (e-Pass)
  • Applicant's passport
  • Children's birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Student's Pass

    Please note the following:

    - You need to provide the original and official translations of these documents if they are not in English language to ICA.

    - You will be notified via your NTU email address once the letter of support is ready for collection at One Stop. You will need to book an appointment (select Collection) with One Stop @ SAC for the collection of the support letter*.

    * For 1st time application, you will need to bring along a friend with you for the collection of the support letter as we require him/her to be the witness for the sponsorship letter.

    - Your spouse/child will need to bring the support letter with the require documents and the originals (official translations of these documents if they are not in English language) personally (no appointment is required) to ICA Building Level 4 for the application submission.

    Once you received the Sponsor Declaration Form from ICA. Please submit a query through Ask One Stop with the Sponsor declaration form.


    Applicant will need to upload the signed Sponsor Declaration form and any other documents required by ICA in the online application and make payment.


    Outcome of Application of Long-term visit Pass

    ICA will email the outcome to the applicant/student directly.



    ICA may take up to 6 weeks to process the application

    At all times, please ensure that you and your family member have a valid pass to stay whilst in Singapore.