Airfare Reimbursement



For scholars who have completed their undergraduate studies (as determined by the date of convocation) between AY2018/19 Semester 2 to AY2020/21 Semester 2; extension has been granted earlier for reimbursement due to covid-19.

Please be informed that there is no further extension granted after May 2022.

The last submission date for your airfare reimbursement is 28 February 2022 and you will have to return to Singapore before 31 May 2022.


You are entitled to a return air ticket (round trip) from Singapore to an international airport nearest to your home city.

You must submit an application for air ticket booking within 9 calendar months upon completion of your undergraduate studies (as determined by the date of convocation);

You must have secured employment and show proof of full-time employment from a Singapore entity.

You are required to submit proof of having secured employment in a Singapore-entity.
i. All requests for quotations must be made via the Bond Management team at least 3 months ahead of your intended date of travel. Last day of return must be within a 9-month window from your convocation date.
ii. A coloured Employment Certification Letter on official company letterhead bearing the start date of employment.
iii. A coloured scanned copy of the pages of your passport bearing your photograph and passport details.

Please contact us at to apply for your airfare application. Quotations will be called by Bond Management team based on all the following criteria:
i. Direct return flight (a transit flight will be booked if a direct flight is not available);
ii. Full-service carrier flying to the International airport nearest to your home city;
iii. Economy class seat during the period of travel by the most economical means.
We will only be able to process your request for an Air Ticket upon receipt of the complete set of documents listed above. 
The actual date of departure from Singapore and the date of return to Singapore will be +/-7 days from the preferred dates. 
The terms and conditions, as stipulated by the travel agency or airline will apply and must be strictly adhered to.
We will only provide you with the price and flight information for one ticket option. Upon your acceptance of the flight quotation offered, we will provide you with the relevant contact of the travel agency. Please contact the travel agency to obtain the updated payment amount for the ticket prior to making payment directly to them. As the timeline provided by the travel agency to confirm/secure the quotations are tight, please be prepared to make the payment within the same or 1 working day upon notification.

All airfare reimbursement claims will be processed after your return to Singapore. It will take about 12 weeks to process the reimbursement of your airfare claims. Please provide the bank details of your personal bank account for the reimbursement.

Please take note that during peak period, the processing time might be longer.