NTU Museum and ADM Alumni Artist Toby Tan, also known as Tobyato, are pleased to present "The Mythical Creatures of NTU". With a distinct brand of humor, wit and child-like innocence in his works, Toby hopes to engage the NTU Community and inject fun on the campus with his art, inspired by inputs from the NTU Community.

In this three-part programme, Toby will take on the role of 'Professor Tobyato', and lead us through his interpretation on a once-in-a-lifetime imaginative module, "NTUMUSEUM101 The Mythical Creatures of NTU", about the mythical creatures of NTU. According to Professor Tobyato's ad-hoc research findings, new species of creatures unique and indigenous to NTU have also evolved, grown and changed with the energy from the NTU campus, also affectionately known to the community as Pulau NTU.

Professor Tobyato would like you to join him in the next five months, to find these creatures on campus and learn more about them. All you have to do, is to follow @ntumuseum and @tobyato on Instagram, and look out for updates on the module or sightings of the creatures with the hashtag #mythicalcreaturesofNTU.

In the first activity of this module, Professor Tobyato would like you and your friends to complete a survey on your favourite spaces in NTU, as well as the characteristics of animals which you like. With the data gathered, he will analyse to determine the co-relation between the energy of the community in these spaces and the evolution of these creatures. Don't be too surprised if you notice that the creatures seem to have been formed based on your inputs!

Survey period:

31 August 2020 to 2 October 2020 (Survey is now closed.)

From 25 January 2021 – 28 February 2021, Professor Tobyato would like you and your friends to have some fun and search for the mythical creatures on NTU Campus. On Monday afternoons during these five weeks, he will share descriptions of specific creatures for you to try and locate. When you locate the mythical creature, take a picture of yourself with it, tag @ntumuseum and @tobyato before posting the picture on your Instagram feed or stories so that Professor Tobyato and NTU Museum can share your posts on our Instagram stories. (Do ensure that your Instagram account is open to public.)

As a token of appreciation for your effort, Professor Tobyato will pick four winners each week to receive a free Chi Cha San Chen drink. He will pick the lucky winners on Fridays at 5pm, and contact these winners via Instagram's direct message. Look out for his message on Instagram, have fun, and good luck!

Contest is now closed.

For more​ details of the creatures, please refer to the table below.

Name of CreatureLocationDescriptionImage of creature

Great Mellow Whale 


Staircase in front of Lee Kong Chian Lecture TheatreThe Great Mellow Whale is the largest of all recorded mythical creatures on the NTU campus. It soars above the NTU campus, with its shadow often being mistaken for the shadow of a passing cloud. Peaceful and relaxed in nature, some scientists suggest that its presence brings calming qualities, which could explain why it is often spotted outside the Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre, attempting to calm students who are stressed.Mythical Creatures_Great Mellow Whale

Trinket Scaly Pangolin


Passageway beside carpark towards North Spine Plaza (LT 19A)


The Trinket Scaly Pangolin is a cousin of the Sunda Pangolin which has been spotted around the NTU campus previously. This cheeky cousin likes to lurk beneath cars, gathering trinkets dropped by unsuspecting passersby. From coins, pens, to even hall key fobs, this creature collects and arranges them on its back like scales. The next time you lose your hall key fob, don't go straight to the hall office, this guy might have it.


Mythical Creatures_Trinket Scaly Pangolin

Ruby Hall Python


Passageway outside Lecture theatres 5 and 6


The Ruby Hall Python resides in the empty lecture halls around the campus. Despite being huge in size, sightings have been rare. It curls itself between empty lecture seats, and slithers away in search of another empty lecture hall before the first student arrives. Its deliberate movements suggest possible precognitive abilities.Mythical Creaures_Ruby Hall Python

Moola Sphinx


Wall of the staircase beside ATM and cash deposit machines at Canopy K

The Moola Sphinx looks like a cat, but no one knows if it belongs to the cat family. It likes to sit near ATM and cash deposit machines in a regal pose, seemingly guarding the machines. It hardly moves, although it growls at students occasionally. I know my professor friends have tried to tame it into a "hall cat" without success.


Mythical Creaures_Moola Sphinx

Floatino Merino


Staircase at Canteen B near Bubble Tea Chi Cha San Chen

The Floatino Merino is a spherical sheep-like creature which loves to float nonchalantly around dining areas. Its eyes are perpetually closed, and evidence suggests that it is constantly in deep thought, listening in to conversations from chatty diners or it could just be asleep. Attempts to catch it have failed, since it is always floating out of our reach.


Mythical Creaures_Floatino Merino

Grabular Gibbon


Staircase from The Arc to North Spine Plaza

Found at the staircase near The Arc, the mischievous Grabular Gibbon is known to love climbing up and down staircase railings and rooftops.  Playful in nature, it is known to "collect" items from unsuspecting students rushing around for classes. If you were there and lost something, Grabular Gibbon might be the culprit.


Mythical Creatures_Grabular Gibbon

Round Furred Piglets


Staircase beside Coffee Bean (middle section)

The Round Furred Piglets belong to a breed of boar. Often seen in groups, they burrow and roll in small patches of greenery littered around the campus. They generally keep to themselves but only charge when provoked. Except for the occasional overturned dustbins which annoys the cleaners - the Round Furred Piglets provide more entertainment than harm to the NTU Community.


Mythical Creatures_Round Furred Piglets

Vain Pied Hornbill


Wall opposite the Media Art NexusThe Vain Pied Hornbill resides near the Media Art Nexus. Despite reports of being spotted flying all around the NTU campus, it always chooses to rest here. My zoologist friend suspects that it absorbs the LED lights from Media Art Nexus, giving it the iridescent sheen look. No one knows for sure if it does this for sustenance or for aesthetic reasons.Mythical Creatures_Vain Pied Hornbill

Arctic Pillow Fox


Passageway beside carpark towards North Spine Plaza near Lift Lobby NS2-2


The Arctic Pillow Fox is a peaceful and harmless fox, often found curled up in the corners of the NTU campus with its trademark bushy tail. Evidence suggests that it can sense levels of stress and fatigue, and likes to offer its tail to students who desperately need a break for snuggles and naps.Mythical Creatures_Arctic Pillow Fox

Nimblewise Deerbit


Staircase beside the Tan Chin Tuan Lecture TheatreOften found in the vicinity of the Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre, the Nimblewise Deerbit is an agile and nimble creature, darting up and down the huge flight of steps in mere seconds. Its antlers suggest a certain level of wisdom and intellect, with one student claiming to have obtained quiz answers after touching its antlers.Mythical Creatures_Nimblewise Deerbit