Academic Publishing: A Study of NTU Faculty and Researchers’ Publishing Activities & Needs

Name of PI: Professor Foo Shou Boon, Schubert

Institution and contact details: Nanyang Technological University
IRB reference number: IRB-2019-01-023

Title of Study:
Academic Publishing: A Study of NTU Faculty and Researchers’ Publishing Activities & Needs

Research output of NTU has grown rapidly over recent years and the study of publishing needs is timely. By gathering inputs from faculty and understanding their publishing activities, this study seeks to (a) identify publishing gaps left by commercial publishers, (b) ensure research works are systematically captured, described (metadata), made searchable and archived so that works can be easily retrieved and accessed worldwide, and (c) aid in the study of the need for a university publishing unit and services tailored to fulfil real demand.

Online Survey: Faculty and researchers from all schools and research centres will be invited to participate in an online survey on scholarly publishing via email. Response is solicited on a voluntary basis.

Right to Refuse or Withdraw:
Participation in the online survey is voluntary and that refusal to participate or withdraw from the study at any time will involve no penalty.

Risks and Discomforts:
There is near zero-risk/discomfort in participating in the research as it is similar to most normal office work in NTU Campus. It involves filling up an online survey form.

No direct benefit to participants.

Online Survey: no reimbursement for participation

Anonymous and Confidential Data Collection:
Responses will be strictly confidential and data collected will be reported in aggregate.

Confidentiality of records:
Responses will be strictly confidential and data collected will be reported in aggregate and used for this study only.

  1. Dataset with identifiable information will be stored in OIKLS's Teamsite with restricted access to team members, under the folder named "research data/project title".
  2. Dataset without identifiable information will be uploaded to DR-NTU(data) with open access 1 year after the completion of the project or after the 1st publication generated from the project (whichever is earlier).
Personal Data:
By agreeing to participate in the survey, you (or your legally acceptable representative, if relevant) are authorizing (i) collection, access to, use and storage of your “Personal Data”, and (ii) disclosure to, and use and storage by, authorised service providers and relevant third parties, whether located in Singapore or overseas, for the purposes of the study.    

“Personal Data” means data about you which makes you identifiable: (i) from such data; or (ii) from that data and other information which an organisation has or likely to have access.

Research arising in the future, based on this “Personal Data”, will be subject to review by the relevant institutional review board.

Data collected are the property of Nanyang Technological University. In the event of any publication regarding this study, your identity will remain confidential.

Who to contact with questions:
Please contact Chay Tuan (Tel: 67905211) or Bee Eng (Tel: 65138673) or email if you have any questions.

Should you have questions on participants' rights in the study, please contact:
NTU-Institutional Review Board
Research Integrity and Ethics Office
50 Nanyang Avenue, North Spine
Singapore 639798

I have read and understood the information and procedures regarding “Academic Publishing: A study of NTU Faculty and Researchers' Publishing Activities and Needs”. I confirm that I am at least 21 years old. My questions concerning the study have been answered to my satisfaction, and I acknowledge that I am participating in this study of my own free will. I understand that I may refuse to participate or stop participating at any time.

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