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    Easy Access to NTU-Subscribed Articles

    Found a useful article online but unable to access the full text? Someone sent you a link but it only brings you to the abstract? 
    Full Text @NTU Library is a bookmarklet for your web browser which allows NTU staff and students to easily click through to full text articles or e-books if subscribed by NTU Library.

    As of 25 June 2019, we have migrated our access gateway. Please delete your existing FullText@NTU bookmarklet in your browser and install the updated version to get access to full text articles subscribed by NTU Library.
    When prompted to login with your NTU account while using the bookmarklet, do not include the domain. Eg. For "student/tahtek", just use "tahtek".

    Below are the simple steps you can take to install Full Text @NTU Library on your preferred web browser. Once installed, whenever you find yourself on a page that only shows the article abstract or asks for a login or payment, simply click on the Full Text bookmarklet in your browser and the page will be reloaded with the full text options (if we subscribe to that journal/book).

    Web Browsers

    Safari / Chrome / Firefox
    1. Ensure that you have enabled the Bookmarks Bar on your browser.​ 
    2. Drag and drop Full Text @NTU Library to your browser's toolbar.

    Internet Explorer
    1. Ensure that you have enabled the Favourites Bar on your browser. If you have not, right click the menu bar and check the box Favourites Bar.
    2. Right click Full Text @NTU Library, select Add to Favourites and Create in Favourites Bar.

    Microsoft Edge
    Sorry, this is currently not supported.

    For Mobile Devices

    (Apple OS and Android OS)
    1. Bookmark this page in your mobile device's browser.  Click on Bookmarks and you might see the title as "Tools". You can edit the name of the bookmark to reflect "Full Text @NTU Library".  If you encounter problems with your mobile device's default browser, please use Google Chrome Mobile.
    2. Copy the link below, then edit the bookmark to change the URL address for the saved bookmark to:

    3. Tap "Done" to save the bookmark.
    4. Tap on the bookmark when prompted for payment. For Android users, search for Full Text @NTU using the address bar and tap on that link instead.
    Useful Tips:

    • Full Text @NTU Library can be used on hyperlinks found in emails sent by key journal publishers
    • Full Text @NTU Library can be used on hyperlinks found in research articles sent to you by research collaborators from other universities
    • For materials not subscribed by NTU Library, make use of the document delivery serviceinterlibrary loans (for books) or New Title Recommendation
    • If you encounter any difficulties, please approach your subject librarian

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