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Need access to full text e-resources anytime, anywhere? Looking to speed up accessing an e-resource which is subscribed by NTU Library? Found a useful article online or e-book but prompted for login or payment? Facing access barriers and wondering if there are alternative routes or open access options to the same content you need?

NTU Library has the tools you need to unlock your access to full text e-resources seamlessly on your web browser.

There are 2 tools to access full text e-resources subscribed by NTU Library. Do note these tools would benefit NTU Staff/Students and Associate Staff the most since they would have full access to all of the e-resources.

  • NTU LibGenie - A smart extension for your desktop browser to provide seamless access to NTU Library subscribed full text e-resources and assist automatically with alternatives when you hit barriers.
  • NTU LibBookmark - A simple bookmark for your mobile/desktop browser to enable you easy access to full text e-resources subscribed by NTU Library.

For more information about how to use the respective tools, simply click on the respective tabs below.

Note: Final access to Full Text is still limited by the user group. NTU Staff/Students would have access to all subscribed e-resources while other groups would have more limited access.

  • NTU LibGenie

  • ​NTU LibBookmark

When prompted to login with your NTU account while using NTU LibGenie or NTU LibBookmark, do not include the domain. Eg. For "student/tahtek", just use "tahtek".
Tip: If you're experiencing constant errors when accessing e-resources in Chrome browser, you may need to clear your cookies for "All Time". This should be a one-time task.


  • For materials not available via NTU Library, you may wish to recommend to us or use our Document Delivery and Inter-Library Loan service (more details here).
  • For further enquiries, please contact us.

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