Giving to NTU Library

The library has developed through the years and we hope to grow further with your support! There are 2 ways to give to the library:

Monetary Gifts
Library Enhancement and Development Fund
This fund was created through generous donations from individuals, organisations, NTU faculty, administrative staff, alumni and students. It is used to develop information resources, services and facilities at NTU Library.

If you would like to make a gift in support of the Library Enhancement & Development Fund, please click here.

Major Donations
We thank the numerous donors. It is not possible for us to list all the donors or thank each one individually, but we certainly appreciate your support. Through your generosity, we are able to further develop information resources, services and facilities.

Lee Wee Nam Science and Technology Library Collection Endowment Fund

This Endowment Fund was donated by the Lee Wee Nam family in 2007 and enables the library to:

  1. Increase the range and depth of engineering and science books.
  2. Provide access to a wider selection of e-books and other electronic resources, particularly in non-mainstream disciplines.
  3. Develop programmes and resources to increase usage of science and engineering literature.
Resources acquired through this Endowment Fund will augment our current collection and continue to benefit future generations of NTU students, researchers and faculty.

Annie Tan (Mrs Wan Boo Sow) Chinese Book Collection

This fund was donated by the Wan Boo Sow family in 2010 to enhance the Chinese book collection in NTU Library in the following areas:

  1. Chinese books with subject matters relating to Singapore and Southeast Asia;
  2. Secondary works on literature, humanities, social sciences and other disciplines which inform the study of Singapore and Southeast Asia.
Books acquired through this fund will benefit all users involved in studying, teaching and research activities relating to Singapore and Southeast Asia.

You may also contact the Development Office on a range of donation opportunities or browse the Frequently Asked Questions on giving to NTU.

Library Materials

The Library recognises that donations complement, broaden and enrich the Library’s collections. However, with limited space and resources, the Library must be selective in accepting donation requests. Please also note all materials accepted become the property of the Library.

For more details on condition of books and terms of acceptance, please read the Donation of Materials to Library Policy

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