Copyright and Licensing

  • Copyright Guide

    Generally, the types of works protected by copyright include literary works (including computer programs), dramatic, musical and artistic works, sound recordings, films, broadcasts, cable programmes and typographical arrangements of published editions.

    Staff who wish to reproduce or use a work in a way beyond that which is allowed by the Copyright Act, are to get permission from the publishers and/or authors or the respective authors' or publishers' associations or pay the requisite royalties to them.

    To avoid copyright infringement, students should be asked to refer to books, articles, or AV materials which can be made available in the Library.

    Users will be personally liable for any infringement of copyright.

    Refer to the Library Copyright Guide which offers the following copyright related guidance:

    • key copyright concepts
    • in teaching and classrooms
    • for study and research purposes
    • when publishing
    • when planning campus activities
  • Photocopying of Library Materials

  • Audio-Visual Screening

  • License Agreements for Electronic Resources

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