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Frontiers in Peptide Science and Drug Discovery Symposium 

The symposium in honour of Professor James Tam will take place on 5 August 2022 at the School of Biological Sciences Classroom 1, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

Professor James Tam is the Founding Dean of the School of Biological Sciences (SBS), the Founding Director of the Biological Research Center and the Founding Director of the double-degree program in Biomedical Science and Chinese Medicine at NTU. He is currently the Lee Wee Nam Professor and the Director of the Synzymes and Natural Products Center in SBS.

He invented peptide dendrimers as protein mimetics in the 1980s for immunologics. His recent research work focuses on the discovery, design and development of bio-therapeutics for healthy ageing, particularly ultra-stable, orally-active peptide biologics from medicinal plants.

The symposium is jointly organised by the School of Biological Sciences and the NTU-Institute of Advanced Studies (NTU-IAS) in honour of Professor Tam's outstanding research works and lifetime achievements in Peptide Science and Drug Discovery. It will cover many exciting fields of peptide and protein research including chemistry, structure and function, and applications in medicine and materials science. 

We hope that this symposium would provide a platform for our participants to present and learn about the current forefront of peptide / protein science and drug discovery; as well as to exchange ideas and establish research collaborations or business relations across both academia and industry.

We look forward to welcoming you to the symposium!
Associate Professor LIU Chuan Fa

Symposium Chair, School of Biological Sciences, NTU Singapore

Dr ZHANG Lianshan
Symposium Co-Chair, Senior Vice President and Global R&D President
Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine, China


Click here for the Programme & Abstract Booklet

Our Distinguished Speakers

Xiaoyuan (Shawn) Chen
Xiaoyuan (Shawn) Chen

National University of Singapore 

Evans blue based Theranostics

Yoshio Hayashi
Yoshio Hayashi

Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Japan

A New Synthetic Chemistry of Cyclic Peptides for the Development of Mid-sized Peptide Drugs

Jean Martinez
Jean Martinez

University of Montpellier, France

Ghrelin Receptor Ligands, from Laboratory to Market

Xiaoliang Wang
Xiaoliang Wang

Institute of Meteria Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, China

Development of Novel Drug from Nature product l-3-butylphalide for treatment of Ischemic Stroke and Dementia

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