R&D Projects


         Promotional Short Video Generation, NTU/Alibaba, 2018-2020, Singapore

         SAIF: An End-to-end System for Assessment and Intervention of Frailty, SCSE, NTU, 2018-2021, Singapore

         ADL+: A Digital Toolkit for Cognitive Assessment and Intervention, SCSE, NTU, 2017-2020, Singapore

         Research in Active Living For The Elderly, SCSE, NTU, 2012 2017, Singapore

         Herbalomic : Novel Approach for Fingerprinting and Authentication of Herbal Products, SCE, NTU, 2012 2017, Singapore

         Virtual World based Educational Data Mining for Assessing Students' Learning Skills, SCE, NTU, 2012 2013, Singapore

         Mobile Intelligent Travel Agent (SMART), SCE, NTU, 2011 2013, Singapore

         Qipao Virtual Museum and Digital Library, SCE, NTU, 2011 2012, Singapore

         Traditional Chinese Medicine Information Management, SEEE/SCE, NTU, 2011 2013, Singapore

         Intelligent Agent-augmented CAVE System, IE/EEE, NTU, 2010 -2011, Singapore

         A Serious Game for Learning Science, SEEE/SCE, NTU, 2008 2012, Singapore

         Cinematics and Narratives- Creating Stories Within Real-time Visual Toolsets, IE/EEE, NTU, 2008-2011, Singapore

         Intelligent Agent-Augmented Multi-User Virtual Environments: Research into Designs for Learning Environments of the Future, IE/EEE, NTU, 2008-2011, Singapore

         Serious Embodied and Embodied Learning: Traces of Dinosaurs in Earth System Science, IE/EEE, NTU, 2008-2011, Singapore

         Collaborative Mathematics Game for Number Learning through Tablets, IE/EEE, NTU, 2008-2009, Singapore

         Interactive Teaching and Learning for Higher Education, ICIS/EEE, NTU, 2007 -2009, Singapore

         Agent Augmented Interactive Games in 3-D Chinese Water Painting Environment, ICIS/EEE, NTU, 2006 -2008, Singapore

         Singapore River City: an Agent Augmented Virtual World for Immersive Learning, ICIS/EEE, NTU, 2006 -2007, Singapore

         Integrated Manufacturing and Service Systems, ICIS/EEE, NTU, 2006 -2009, Singapore

         Operational Transparent Virtual Grid Community Over Service-Oriented Grid, ICIS/EEE, NTU, 2005 -2007, Singapore

         Adaptive-Enterprise Grid for University Teaching and Learning, ICIS/EEE, NTU, 2005 -2008, Singapore

         Agentized MUVEES (Multi-User Virtual Environment Experiential Simulator) World, ICIS/EEE, NTU, 2005 -2008, Singapore

         CACANI, an animation generation system with hand drawings, MC3/EEE, NTU, 2005, Singapore

         Billing System for Grid Management, MC3/EEE, NTU, 2004 -2005, Singapore

         Integrated Bio-Manufacturing Grid (pilot), MC3/EEE, NTU, 2005, Singapore

         Integrated Manufacturing and Service Systems (pilot), MC3/EEE, NTU, 2004 -2005, Singapore

         Goal Oriented Modeling for Intelligent Software Agent and its Applications, ICIS/EEE, NTU, 1999 -2005, Singapore

         Symbols, an e-Banking System, System Access Pte Ltd, 2004, Singapore

         Distributed Transaction System, Mobile Data Solutions Inc., 2000 -2001, Canada

         Advantex, a wireless connectivity and workforce management solution, Mobile Data Solutions Inc., 1999 -2003, Canada

         Video Surveillance Information System, I2R (Institute for InfoComm Research), NUS (National University of Singapore), funded by A*STAR, 2000, Singapore.

         Distributed Computing with CORBA for Integrated Criminal Justice System, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, 1998 -1999, Singapore

         OCBC remittance management information system, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, 1997 -1998, Singapore

         EECUS, a custom port management information system, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, 1997 -1998, Singapore

         StareMike, an immigration information search engine, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, 1997 -1998, Singapore

         Introduction to Singapore (Singapore Infomap) web project (http://www.sg/), Kent Ridge Digital Labs, 1997, Singapore

         World Chinese Business Network (WCBN http://www.wcbn.com.sg/), Kent Ridge Digital Labs, 1996-1997, Singapore

         Friendly Name Search and Performance Tuning, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, 1996 -1998, Singapore

         Multilingual Processing, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, 1996 -1997, Singapore

         Database Synchronization, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, 1996, Singapore

         Manufacturing Management System, Pacer, Strategic Information Systems Pte. Ltd, 1994 -1996, Singapore

         Integrated Land Use System, Siemens Singapore, 1993 -1994, Singapore

         Credit Card System for Bank of China, Beijing Stone Co. (Nantian), 1992 -1993, Beijing, China

         Tax Information Management System for Guangzhou Tax Bureau, Beijing Stone Co. (Nantian), 1990 -1991, Beijing, China