Lane, Zhiqi Shen

Senior Research Scientist

School of Computer Science and Engineering
Nanyang Technological University
Nanyang Avenue, Singapore 639798

Address: N4-02B-43
Nanyang Technological University, MACM, MIEEE, MIEICE

Research Interest:

Software agent, Multi-agent system (MAS), Intelligent Computing, Interactive Storytelling, Data and Knowledge Management, Trust, Internet/Web technology, and their Applications in Web services, Grid computing, e-Learning, e-Commerce, 3D Virtual world, Games, Cognitive radio and Crowdsourcing


CZ1003 Introduction to Computational Thinking

CZ2002 Object Oriented Design and Programming

CE2006/CZ2006 Software Engineering

CZ3002 Advanced Software Engineering

CZ3005 Artificial Intelligence

EE2008 Data Structure and Algorithms

IM3072 Game Programming

EE4001 Software Engineering

EE4717 Web Application Design

EE4762 Web Services

EE5702 Foundations of Software Engineering

EE5703 Object-oriented Programming

EE5706 Web Technology

EE6712 Distributed Computing

EE6731 Network Programming

EE6733 Communication Software Development & Project Management

IC0102 Web-based Information System


Selected Publications