Dr YU Ting

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Research Interest

My research focuses on synthesis of nanostructures, assembly and manipulation of 1D nanostructure, and development of nanodevices.


(i) Substrate-friendly synthesizes of metal oxide nanostructures with controlled morphologies and patterns.

(ii) Wet-chemical method is one of our current approaches for fabrication of metal hydroxides and metal oxides nanostructures.

(iii) Field induced electron emission of individual nanowires or nanowire array

(iv) Assembly and manipulation of nanostructures by dielectrophoresis (DEP) effect, line optical tweezers and nanomanipulator

(v) Electronic transport and mechanical properties of individual nanostructures

(vi) Wettability and antiwettability of nanostructures

(vii) Graphene

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        Electron Field Emission


        Nanowires devices


  • Nanodevice based on CuO nanowire: a large scale of p-type FETs and gas sensor




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