Ying He

Associate Professor
School of Computer Engineering
Nanyang Technological University

Office: N4-02a-22
Tel: +65 6514 1008
Email: yhe `at' ntu.edu.sg

Research Interests

My research interests fall into the general areas of visual computing. I'm particularly interested in the problems which require geometric analysis and computation. I have applied geometric approaches to a wide spectrum of engineering fields, including computer graphics, computer-aided design, multimedia, wireless sensor networking, and medical imaging.

Selected Publications (Since 2006)

* denotes my supervised students and research staff

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Professional Services


1) Texture brush

2) Making burr puzzles from 3D models

3) Geodesic loops

4) Metric driven N-Rosy design

5) Hexahedral shell mesh construction via polycube map

6)  An effective illustrative visualization framework based on photic extremum lines (PELs)

7) K-set tilable surfaces

8) Laplacian lines

9) Polycube map

10) real-time computation of photic extremum lines (PELs)

11) Editable Polycube Map for GPU-based Subdivision Surfaces

12) LayerPaint: A Multi-Layer Interactive 3D Painting Interface

13) An Interactive Multi-touch Sketching Interface for Diffusion Curves

14) A Multi-touch Interface for Fast Architectural Sketching and Massing