Multiple Postdoc Positions on Testing, Verification and Security Analysis for Hypervisor, Autonomous Vehicles, Deep Learning Algorithms and Block Chain and AI Chips


Nanyang Technological University


We have several exciting research projects on

1 AI for Software Engineering, Software Engineering for AI and Data Driven Software Engineering

2 Hypervisor/Hardware development, formal modelling and verification

3 Testing and Security of Autonomous Vehicles

4 Testing and Security analysis of deep learning algorithms with the applications in security, medical systems

5 Testing, verification and security analysis of block chain (Ethereum and beyond)

6 Side channel attacks and defenses in Trusted Execution Environment

7 Attacks and defenses on DNN Accelerators

8 Explainable AI (XAI) and its application in human brains


The postdoc will work in the Cyber-Security Laboratory at Nanyang Technological University, which is well equipped with powerful GPU servers, drones, autonomous cars.

The position involves conducting basic research, developing tools, working as part of a large research team, traveling, and giving presentations. The working language is English.


Apart from specific requirement to the topic a general candidate requirement are:

- A PhD in Computer Science or related areas is required (SE, PL, AI, Security, CV, NLP and BCI are all relevant).

- Strong background in logic and discrete math.

- Strong programming skills.

- An established research record.


The term is currently one to three years starting immediately.

The salary is 5.5k to 10k SGD per month with up to 3 month performance bonus. (Singapore Tax is around 5%)


Interested applicants should send their CV to

Prof. Yang Liu at yangliu AT


All the related publications in our group can be found here