Group Members



Research Fellows and Associates

Dr. Wu Junliang

Dr. Wang Siming

Dr. Zeng Jing

Ding Feiqing




Graduate Students



Cai Shuting

2009 A*Star Scholar

Ph.D. Candidate

Leow Min Li


Ph.D. Candidate





Xiang Shaohua


Ph.D. Candidate

Ji Li


Ph.D. Candidate

Le Mai Hoang Kim


Ph.D. Candidate

Bai Yaguang

2011 Nanyang President Graduate Scholar

Ph.D. Candidate































Chai Hua

2012 Nanyang President Graduate Scholar

Ph.D. Candidate

Ronny William



Ph.D. Candidate






Tan Yujia


Ph.D. Candidate



Liao Hongze


Ph.D. Candidate














We Want You




Former Group Members


Dr. Le Nguyen Thanh, RF, Currently Associate Professor in Hanoi Pharmaceutical University, Vietnam

Dr. Li An, RF, Currently Full professor in Lanzhou University of Science and Technology, China

Dr. Yin Guodong, RF, Currently Associate Professor in Hubei Normal University, China

Dr. Pitchamuthu Amaladass, RF, Currently Research Fellow in Seoul National university, korea

Dr. Sharad Suryawanshi, RF, Currently Research  Scientist, Sai Advantium Pharma ltd, India

Dr. Biswajit Maji, RF, Currently Assistant Professor, Central India University, India

Dr. Lu Zhiqiang, PhD, RF, Currently Associate professor,  Luoyang Normal University, China

Dr. Fu Rui, RF

Dr. Huang Gangliang, RF, Currently Full professor Chongqing Normal University, China

Dr. Rujee Lorpitthaya, PhD

Dr. Ma Jimei, PhD, RF, Currently Associate professor,  Huazhong Agricultral University, China

Dr. Liu Jiehua, PhD, RF, Full Professor in Hefei Industrial University, China

Dr. Song Junling, PhD, Associate professor, Fujian institute of Research on the Structure of Matter

Dr. Gorityala Bala Kishan, PhD, RF

Dr. Kalyan Pasunooti Kumar, PhD, RF, Currently Assistant Professor, IIT, India

Dr. Seenuvasan Vedachalam, PhD, RF, Currently Postdoc fellow, Wayne State University, USA

Cheng Xiamin, Master

Tan Hong Yee, Master, PO, Currently PhD student in Canada

Wei Xiangfeng, RA

Huang Jie, RA


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