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Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University, 2013-present

Visiting Scholar, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dec 2018- May 2019


PhD in Economics, Boston College, 2013
BA in Economics, Tsinghua University, 2008


·         International Trade

·         Chinese Economy


1.      Product Cycle, Contractibility and Global Sourcing, with Yi Lu and Lianming Zhu, Journal of Development Economics, Volume 127, July 2017, Pages 283-296.

2.      Trade Policies for a Small Open Economy: The Case of Singapore, with Yuchen Shao, The World Economy. Volume40, Issue11, November 2017, Pages 2500-2511.

3.      Product Cycle, Knowledge Capital and Comparative Advantage”, with Yuchen Shao, conditional accepted at the Review of International Economics.


4.      Skill Distributions, Effective Endowment and Trade”,  under review

5.      “Goods vs. Territories: A Tale of Two Gravities”, with Ben Li and Jay Bowman, under review

6.      “A Model of Trade with Endogenous Product Design”, with Pak Hung Au,

7.      “A Linder Perspective of International Technology Diffusion”, with Yi Lu and Yuchen Shao,

8.      “Inventory and Trade Policy Uncertainty: Evidence from Chinese Exporters”, with Xiaotao Zhao

9.      “Export Volatility with Trade Policy Uncertainty: Evidence from China”, with Xiaotao Zhao

10.  “Non-neutral Technology, Endowment, and Trade”, with Hongsong Zhang,

11.  “The Knowledge Diffusion of Multinational Firms”, with Yuchen Shao and Lianming Zhu,

12.  “Trade Liberalization and Industrial Agglomeration”, with Yunong Li and Yi Lu


1.      “Innovation across Heterogeneous Firms”, with Yuchen Shao and Yongjin Wang

2.      “Granularity with Production Network”, with Jackie M. Chan and Michael Song

3.      “Trade Liberalization and Technology Upgrade: Evidence from Patent Citations in China”

Non-referred Publications:

1.      Book Review on ‘Introduction to Numerical Simulation for Trade Theory and Policy’ by John Gilbert and Edward Tower for Singapore Economic Review.



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