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Postdoc openings

There is a 2-year postdoc opening in our group from Aug 2020. The project is about topological modeling of biomolecular data. We will offer internationally highly competitive remuneration and a multidisciplinary research environment.

To apply for this position, please send your CV and a short description of yourself to xiakelin@ntu.edu.sg. The candidate should have a PhD degree in closed-related fields (mathematical biology, computational biology, scientific computing, computational physics/chemistry, etc).

Opportunities for postdoc fellowships:
1. Presidential postdoctoral fellowship
2. HFSP postdoctoral fellowship

PhD openings

There are fully funded PhD openings in the group of Prof. Xia, at the school of Physical and Mathematical Sciences in NTU. The project concerns the topology based statistic learning modelings of biomolecular data and high-throughput chromosome conformation capture (Hi-C) data analysis. The purpose of the project is to use mathematical modelings and algorithms to study dynamical behaviors from MD simulations, drug binding affinity with proteins, chromosome hierarchical structures, with close collaborations with theoretical groups in SPMS and experimental groups in SBS. For details about the project, please contact Prof. Xia (xiakelin@ntu.edu.sg). We will offer internationally highly competitive remuneration and a multidisciplinary research environment.

Interested candidates please send your CV and a short description of yourself to xiakelin@ntu.edu.sg. The candidate applying for the PhD position should have a bachelor/master degree in a related field by the beginning of the PhD study. The related fields would be Applied Mathematics, Computational Science, etc. The candidates having numerical experience are preferable.

1. For PhD Research Scholorship in NTU  
TOEFL: > 88 or IELTS: > 6.0 (This works only as a rough estimation!)
GRE: V > 149, Q > 149, AW > 3.5, total GRE V+Q > 319. (This works only as a rough estimation!)
If you are excellent in Mathematics but couldn’t meet the above English requirements, English Proficiency Test (EPT) and Technical Proficiency Test (TPT) are conducted by NTU. The applicants with good academic records will be invited to take the tests if TOEFL/IELTS/GRE scores are not satisfactory.

2. International students from Europe, America or other English speaking countries can also apply for the SINGA PhD scholarship to work in our group, for which there is NO restrictive requirement for GRE or TOEFL.

3. Singaporean students and international students intending to take up Singapore citizenship can also apply for the A*Star Graduate Scholarship to work in our group.

How to Apply:
NTU considers two intakes: August and January. Details can be found in How to Apply. The Ph.D. program in our division can be found here. Please choose Division of Mathematical Sciences as the division and Xia Kelin (Asst Prof) as the prospective supervisor in your NTU PhD application; otherwise it may cause delayed review. Please submit your research papers/manuscripts as the supporting documents (if any). The shortlisted candidates will be invited to a Skype interview.

The successful candidates will normally be awarded Research Scholarship (RSS). Other competitive scholarships are as follows,

Frequently asked question: Is there an available PhD position?
Answer: I always accept highly motivated PhD students, if you can secure a scholarship (or you can be self-financed). All potential candidates are suggested to apply for NPGS, SINGA, etc. Generally speaking, the RSS is of very limited amount and thus competitive.

Research internship for undergraduate and Master students

Students, who would like to be research intern or visiting PhD student under my supervision, should apply for the international internship program (IIP) in our school, even you might be financially supported by your home university. Notice that non-Singaporean needs a visa to conduct research in Singapore. The internship period is at least three months.

IIP is available to people studying outside Singapore and having good academic record. Applicant must be either

  • full-time final-year undergraduate students,
  • full-time Masters students, or
  • full-time PhD students.
Interested individuals should reach me at xiakelin@ntu.edu.sg with your CV, transcripts, and 1-2 page research proposal attached. 

For India undergraduate students, please apply through the NTU-India Connect Research Internship Programme.