bulletMP3006 Microprocessor Systems - Hardware (S1)
bulletMP4E06 Mechanism Design - Analytical Synthesis (S2)
bulletMP4C06 Surgical Assist Technology (S2)


bulletMP3006 Microprocessor Systems - Hardware (S1)
bulletMP2011 Engineering Graphics & Machine Components Design (S2)


bulletP3.17 Real-time control and artificial intelligence programming of a six-legged robot (S1 & S2)

Final Year Project Supervision:

  1. Marcellus TANJAYA, "Design and Development of a Robotic Active Disturbance Compensation System I - Sensing." (AY06/07)
  2. Hendra Teja WIRAWAN, "Design and Development of a Robotic Active Disturbance Compensation System II - Mechanism." (AY06/07)
  3. Vonny JAP, "Design and Implementation of a Mechatronic Device for Wrist and Elbow Rehabilitation." (AY06/07)
  4. TAN Bing Wei Daniel, "Modeling and control of upper limb movements with Functional Electrical Stimulation." (AY06/07)
  5. LIN Jing Kai Daniel, "Design of Graphical User Interface for a Micro-Motion Sensing System." (AY06/07)
  6. WONG Kam Mun, "Design and Programming of a Speech Control Interface for a Home Automation System." (AY06/07)
  7. TANG Kim Hwee Derrick, "Design and Development of an Intuitive Interface for Users with Special Needs." (AY06/07)
  8. LEE Kian Teong, "Design and implementation of a speech control interface for a home automation system." (AY06S2/07S1)
  9. YEO Zhiwei, "Modeling of Deterministic Error in Dual-Axis Accelerometer." (AY05/06)
  10. POH Junjie, "Assistive Technology." (AY05/06)
  11. ANG Ming Chong, "Assistive Technology." (AY05/06)




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