Welcome to Leong Research Group

(Soft Electronics Group)

The general research interest of Leong Group at Nanyang Technological University, led by Assistant Professor Wei Lin Leong, is to develop nanomaterials (organic and hybrid) and implement electrical device engineering for ubiquitous electronics and energy harvesting, such as flexible transistor memory and solar cells. We explore the structure and function of these materials and the fabricated devices are also used for fundamental charge transport and photophysics studies.

Latest News:

  • Universal Spray-Deposition Process for Scalable, High Performance and Stable OECTs is reported (Read more...)
  • 15 June 2020: Postdoc positions in the area of OECTs/electronic skins/soft robotics available in our group. Please apply now! (Read more...)
  • All inorganic mixed halide perovskite nanocrystal-graphene hybrid photodetector: from ultrahigh gain to photostability is reported (Read more...)
  • Congrats to Dr Ko for publishing her self-healable electrochromic ion gel work in Organic Electronics! (Read more...)
  • Congrats to Xihu and Abhijith for getting their OECT work accepted in Advanced Materials! (Read more...)
  • Arghyamalya is starting his PhD program at Linköping University. Congrats and good luck!
  • Efficient and ambient-air-stable solar cell with highly oriented 2D@3D perovskites is reported (Read more...)
  • Congratulations and best wishes to Ye Tao, now Professor, Beijing Jiatong University.
  • Biocompatible flexible and transient organic transistor using human hair kertain dielectric is reported (Read more...)
  • Our recent work on studying the basic physics of perovskite solar cells is highlighted in Solar+Power Management (Read more...)
  • First systematic measurements of temperature dependence of the principle photovoltaic parameters of perovskites solar cells are reported (Read more...)