About Me
I come from Singapore, a beautiful, sunny island in South-East Asia. I completed my PhD in 1997 on addressing the "lost in hyperspace" problem in hypertext under Prof. Harold Thimbleby and Dr. Matthew Jones, and proposed a framework to understand design and usability issues. I joined Middlesex University (London) as a Lecturer from 1998 to 2001. My research interests in Human-Computer Interaction and Digital Libraries had led to the award of two research grants from the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council in the United Kingdom during my four years of teaching at Middlesex University :

    • 51K on "Design and Evaluation of User-Centred Digital Libraries" (GR/M72098)
      Duration : Sep 1999 - Jul 2001
    • 136K on "Usability Evaluation Techniques for the Design of Interactive Digital Libraries" (GR/N37858)
      Duration : Jan 2001 - Dec 2003

Currently, I am an Assistant Professor at the Division of Information Studies, School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University since returning home to Singapore in 2001. I teach on the Information Studies Masters Programme: Digital Libraries and Human-Computer Interaction. I am also the Deputy Director of the Centre for Human Factors and Ergonomics. Recently, I receive a university grant of S$58K to work on a suite of qualitative and quantitative techniques to help designers build usable and useful digital libraries in the Web and mobile environments.

Current Research Projects

Design and Usability Framework for Hypertext/Web Applications [more...]

Human-Computer Interaction in the Web and Mobile Environments : Designer Usability advicE Tools (DUET) [more...]

Creativity, Information Retrieval and Collaborative Learning [more...]

Digital Libraries and Information Portals

         General design issues [more...]

         Application Area : Education and E-Learning

         Secondary School Students (12 - 16 years old) [more...]

         Junior College/Pre-University Students (17-18 years old) [more...]

         University Students (18 years old and above) [more...]

         Senior Citizens (55 years old and above) [more...]

         Application Area : Health and Medical Informatics

         Nurses [more...]

         Doctors [more...]

Fashion Resources

         Perankan Collections [more...]

         Chinese Minority Collections [more...]

Other Research Interests
IT, Culture and Ethics
IT and Education

1998 - 2003
1995 - 1997

Project Supervisions
Final Year Projects

Courses Taught
Human-Computer Interaction
Digital Libraries and Information Portals
Educational Multimedia
Introduction to Computer-Aided Learning


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