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Group meetings are on Mondays @ 4:00 PM (BIE B3 Meeting Room).

Lab meeting presentation schedule is available for viewing.

Key to the meeting room can be obtained from SCBE General Office (6790 6742, CBE-N1.2-01).



Aug-15: (26th) Sierin has been tenured and promoted to Associate Professor!


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Research: We are hiring! Please send your CV to SLim[at]ntu[dot]edu[dot]sg.

Mangrove-inspired Desalination Membrane

Research Fellow: Membrane synthesis and integration of biological molecules

Postdoctoral research fellowships are available through the university:

Graduate: Scholarships are available for January 2015 admission.

If you are a prospective student who is self-motivated, enthusiastic, and interested in graduate works in the BeANs lab, please email me your CV and apply to the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering indicating your interest in joining the BeANs Lab through NTU online application system.

Undergraduate: If you are interested in learning about protein, from genetic engineering to production, purification, and characterization, please feel free to drop by for a chat. URECA (Undergarduate REsearch on CAmpus) is a good first online stop.

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