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  • (26th) Sierin's comment on Armando Hernandez-Garcia, Renko de Vries, et al. work on "Design and self-assembly of simple coat proteins for artificial viruses" is quoted by Andy Extance on Chemistry World.
  • (12th) New academic year! Welcome to JJ, Sathya - the two new grad students, and the 8 FYP students!
  • (3rd) Sierin was featured on the Sunday Times! The article was also published on AsiaOne.
  • (1st) Convocation! Congratulations to Class of 2014! The first two full-time female Ph.D. students graduated from the lab, Dr. Yu and Dr. Herlina!

Jul-14: (22nd) Sierin was on the panel of Women in Science event by the Singapore Committee for UN Women during which time she met Grace Chua, a journalist from the Singapore Straits Times.

Feb-14: (6th) Herlina defended her thesis successfully! (21st) Yu Kang also defended hers successfully! We have two new Doctors from the lab! Congratulations!

Jan-14: (24th) The annual lab BBQ! This year was at the Campus Club House. A step-up from the SRC pits!

Nov-13: (28th) Sierin received the 2013 L'Oréal-UNESCO Singapore for Women in Science National Fellowship in Life Science! Video by Mayasari Lim. Photos online.
Press on L'Oreal PR, Lianhe Zhao Bao, NTU Facebook, Urban (The Straits Times) FB, Asian Scientist, NTU Hey! Magazine, Hey! Online, APBN People Watch

Oct-13: (29th) Our collaboration with Joachim Loo has resulted in a paper in Journal of Materials Science.

Sep-13: (12th/13th) Barindra's paper "The role of non-conserved residues of Archaeoglobus fulgidus ferritin on its unique structure and biophysical properties" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Biological Chemisty (JBC) - a classic journal in biochemistry and molecular biology. Congratulations!


  • (27th-29th) Prof. Samir Mitragotri of UC Santa Barbara visited the BeANs Lab.
  • (19th) Our collaboration with Chen Xiaodong's lab at NTU MSE resulted in a publication in Small!
  • (12th) Welcome to the new Final Year Project and Masters students! Also, Mridul Sarker for joining our lab as a Ph.D. student!
  • (1st) Lab Dinner to celebrate the graduating Class of 2013! Zenden Restuarant, The Gallery Hotel, Robertson Quay.


June-13: A former member, Mao Ning, received the Koh Boon Hwee Scholars Award. This award gives recognition to the influence of inspirational teaching, and the enduring bonds that are forged between teachers and students. It aims to establish long-lasting and fulfilling relationships between the University, the students and their teachers. Top NTU students who win this award will have achieved excellent academic performance, displayed strong leadership ability, demonstrated potential for contributing to society as well as displayed exemplary conduct and be held as role models for their peers. Congratulations, Mao Ning!


May-13: The videos on Tropical Molecules from collaborative project between NTU and Molecular Frontiers produced by Untamed Science are online! Check them out on YouTube MoleCluesTV or with some explanations on the BeANs page.


  • (30th) Congratulations to Loh Zheng Yi for winning a Gold Award from Nanyang Research Programme 2012 for his work in the BeANs Lab!
  • (10th) Peng Tao defended his thesis successfully. Congratulations, Dr. Peng, for being the first Ph.D. graduate from the BeANs Lab! Check out the photos here!
  • (6th) Saturday Science with Sierin (S^3)! We hosted 4 middle school students in the lab and introduced them to green fluorescent protein (GFP). The activity was mentioned on Geri Kan's blog.

Mar-13: (23rd) The annual lab BBQ!

Feb-13: (8th) Sierin returned from presenting the lab work as part of the UK-Southeast Asia Collaboration Development in Translational Skin Research from the British High Commission in Singapore. The visit included Imperial College London, St. John's Institute of Dermatology, University of Manchester, and University of Liverpool.


  • (25-27th) Yu Kang presented her work on vault at the Biological Engineering & Natural Science Conference.
  • (16th) Our collaboration with the scientists at Brown University has resulted in a paper, MRI contrast demonstration of antigen-specific targeting with an iron-based ferritin construct, published on JNR.
  • (3rd) The first paper of 2013, Ferritin-templated synthesis and self-assembly of Pt nanoparticles on monolithic porous graphene network for electrocatalysis in fuel cell, was accepted by ACS AMI on the 3rd Jan. Congrats to Huajun, Barindra, and Peng Tao!



Aug-12: Sierin presented the lab work at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University (hosted by Neel Joshi) and the Gordon Research Conferences for Drug Carriers in Medicine & Biology, Waterville Valley, New Hampshire.


  • Herlina's poster titled "Interaction and Charge Transfer of Isolated Chloroplast and Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes" won the Poster Award at the ICYRAM 2012 in the Carbon-based Materials for Applications session. Congratulations!
  • A poster presented by our collaborator, Joachim Loo's, student, Kelsen Bastari and Arshath, also received an award in the Biomaterials in Controlled Release session.
  • Japreet's URECA paper was selected to be featured in the 2012 Yearbook. Great job, Jaspreet!

May-12: As part of the APRN Fellowship, Sierin represented Singapore together with other Fellows who represented their countries, Ryoichi Nakamura (Chiba University, Japan), Chih-Kuang Yeh (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan), and Hua-Nong Ting (University of Malaya, Malaysia), gave joint seminars at

Barindra and Peng Tao also presented their works at the IFMBE WC;

Dea received a Silver Award for her oral presentation at the BES6SM. Congratulations!

Mar-12: Peng Tao's second paper on Biomacromolecules is online with page numbers; Mao Ning received a Peer-Review Award at the URECA 2012 Discover URECA @ NTU Poster Exhibition and Competition.

Feb-12: Herlina won the best TA award. Congratulations and keep up the good work!; BeANs Lab was mentioned on Kelly Savin's blog.


Nov-11: Sierin was awarded Asia Pacific Research Networking (APRN) Fellowship from the International Federation of Medical and Biomedical Engineering (IFMBE) Asia Pacific Working Group.

Barindra's paper on "Manganese-ferritin nanocomposite as ultrasensitive T2 contrast agent" was accepted for publication on Chemical Communication.

Oct-11: Li Yan's last three papers have been published.

Jul-11: Peng Tao's first paper was accepted for publication on Biomacromolecules!

Jun-11: Sierin oversaw the first student-organized nationwide biomedical symposium (BES5SM).

Mar-11: Li Yan passed her defense and became the first Ph.D. from the lab. Congratulations!

Feb-11: Barindra's paper is ranked 4th on the journal's Top 20 Most Downloaded Articles in Feb 2011 - only 2 months after it was available online!

Jan-11: Herlina & Yu Kang passed their qualifying exam. Congratulations!
Muhammad Suhaimi, NTU-IC grad student joined the lab. Welcome!


Dec-10: Kaiyang's URECA paper was selected for the proceedings.

Aug-10: Barindra's first paper was accepted by Biointerphases. Congratulations!

Jun-10: Peng Tao passed his qualifying exam. Congratulations, Peng Tao!


Nov-09: NTU team received a gold medal at the iGEM'09 Jamboree!

Jun-09: Yong Wan Quan received a Lee Kuan Yew medal at Class of 2009 graduation ceremony. Congratulations, Wan Quan!

Mar-09: Samuel Tay's FYP work was featured on the Nanyang Chronicle.