Field Trip to Pular Ubin, 2018


Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Student Abroad, 2017  
 Zhiyu and Xuechao Ph.D graduation, 2017
Farewell dinner to Dr. LI Xiaohui, 2015                                                              Chinese New Year celebration, 2016
Farewell party to Dr. SHEN Youde, 2015                                    Family event "LET'S RIDING!" at Pulau Ubin Island, 2014
Farewell party to Dr. CAO Yulian, 2014                                               Family event "GO HIKING!" at MacRitchie Reservoir, 2014

Farewell party to Dr. LIANG Houkun, 2014                                        BBQ at East Coast Park, 2013  


BBQ at West Coast Park, 2012                                                              Visiting professor, 2012 

Farewell party to Dr. HE Xiaoyong, 2012                                                            Pulau Ubin Island, 2010


  • HU Xiaonan (Ph.D. student and research fellow, 2011-2017), Postdoc in Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden.
  • LIANG Guozhen (Ph.D. student and research fellow, 2010-2017), Postdoc at Columbia University, USA.
  • YAN Zhiyu (Ph.D. student, 2012-2016), Research Scientist in Hua Wei, Singapore.
  • MENG Bo (Ph.D. student and research fellow, 2010-2016), Postdoc at ETH, switzerland.
  • CHENG Yuanbing (research fellow, 2013-2016), Research Scientist in Hua Wei.
  • TAO Jin (Ph.D. student and research fellow, 2011-2016), R&D at FiberHome Technologies Group, Wuhan, China.
  • LIU Tao (Ph.D. student and research fellow, 2010-2015), Research Fellow at Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japanese.
  • LI Xiaohui (research fellow, 2012-2015), Professor at Shaanxi Normal University, China.
  • SHEN Youde (Ph.D. student, 2013-2015), Research Scientist in Micron Semiconductor Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore.
  • ZHAN Huan (exchange Ph.D. student, 2014), Research Associate at Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, Xi'an, China.
  • CAO Yulian (research fellow, 2012-2014), Associate Professor at Nano-Optoelectronics Laboratory, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.
  • ZHU Hai (research fellow, 2013-2014), Associate Professor at Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China.
  • LI Chengming (research fellow, 2012-2014), Nano-Optoelectronics Laboratory, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.
  • LIU Zhuang (research engineer, 2010-2013), Research engineer, China.
  • TANG Yulong (research fellow, 2012-2013), Associate Professor in Shanghai Jiaotong Univerisity, China.
  • LIU Yanping (research fellow, 2012-2013), Posdoc at University of California, Berkeley, USA.
  • HU Bin (research fellow, 2010-2013), Associate Professor at Beijing Institute of Technology, China.
  • ZHANG Yongzhe (research fellow, 2010-2012), Associate Professor at North China Electric Power University, China.
  • HE Xiaoyong (research fellow, 2011-2012), Posdoc in Korea.
  • WANG Qi (project officer, 2010-2011), Intel, Dalian, China.
  • YU Tiaobao (reseach fellow, 2010-2011), Professor at Nanchang University, China.


Last edit on Jan. 15 2018