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I have had a long-standing, personal interest in youth subcultures. Starting in the mid-1980s I participated in punk and straightedge, and since the 1990s in death metal, where I stayed relatively active as a musician until the mid-2000s. Rather than approach youth subcultures from the perspectives of deviance or delinquency studies, I see youth subcultures as reified networks and social spaces wherein youth find meaningful identities and communities of similar others.

Current project (2015)

I am currently advising a variety of projects related to Singaporea and Southeast, including fan cultures, and sexual, religious, and music subcultures.

Past projects

With the explosive growth of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the 1990s, youth established computer-mediated social spaces where they experience subcultural lives. Beginning in 2000 I conducted ethnographic fieldwork on the straightedge subculture online. My goal was to investigate the links between youth subcultures and ICTs and to highlight how ICTs facilitates subcultural change. A series of publications emerged from this research related to straightedge subculture and authenticity.

In the past few years I have collaborated with criminologists in an effort to highlight insider perspectives of violent offenders, many of whom operate in subcultural and/or street cultural worlds. I also recently produced a collaborative, performative project that engaged the intersections of Rude Boy culture, education, and autoethnography.


[check my CV page for links to many of my publications]

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