LI Xiucheng (李修成)

I am a PhD student at School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), supervised by Professor Cong Gao.

I am broadly interested in many topics in numerical optimization, high-dimensional statistics, machine learning, and data mining. At present, I focus on representation learning, differentiable generative models (differentiable functions supported hierarchical Bayesian models, variational inference, Hamilton Monte Carlo), and in particular, extending their applications in spatial and temporal data analytics. You can find more about my interests from the note I made.


Email: xli055 AT; lixiucheng AT; xiucheng90 AT


Xiucheng Li, Gao Cong, Yun Cheng. Spatial Transition Learning on Road Networks with Deep Probabilistic Models, ICDE 2020.

Xiucheng Li, Gao Cong, Aixin Sun, Yun Cheng. Learning Travel Time Distributions with Deep Generative Models, WWW 2019. pdf; code.

Xiucheng Li, Kaiqi Zhao, Gao Cong, Christian S. Jensen, Wei Wei. Deep Representation Learning for Trajectory Similarity Computation, ICDE 2018. pdf; code.

Shanshan Feng, Gao Cong, Arijit Khan, Xiucheng Li, Yong Liu, Chee Yeow Meng. Latent Representation Model for Social Influence Embedding, ICDE 2018. pdf.

Xiucheng Li, Yun Cheng, Gao Cong, Lisi Chen. Discovering Pollution Sources and Propagation Patterns in Urban Area, KDD 2017. pdf.

Yun Cheng, Xiucheng Li, Yan Li. Finding Dynamic Co-evolving Zones in Spatial-Temporal Time Series Data, ECML/PKDD 2016. pdf.

Yun Cheng, Xiucheng Li, Zhijun Li, Shouxu Jiang, YiLong Li, Jia Ji, Xiaofan (Fred) Jiang. AirCloud: A Cloud-based Air-Quality Monitoring System for Everyone, SenSys 2014. pdf.