Dr. Shuzhou LI

Devision of Materials Science, School of Materials Science and Engineering

BLK N4.1, #01-06, 50 Nanyang Avenue, Singapore, 639798

E-mail: lisz at ntu.edu.sg; Phone: (+65) 6790 4380; Fax: (+65) 6790 9081

Current Research Interests

Our group is interested in exploring chemical and optical properties of nanomaterials as well as their interactions with molecules and semiconductors. Currently, our group is focusing on three directions: (1) developing high sensitive substrates for surface-enhanced Raman scattering and fluorescence; (2) optical properties of metal-semiconductor nanostructures; and (3) assembly of metallic nanostructures. 

Position Opening

We are looking for qualified PhD students who are interested in computational materials science. Applicants with backgrounds in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry, or Microelectronics could send their CVs to Dr. Li directly.