Koh, Teck Seng (Dr)

Nanyang Technological University

  • Lecturer, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS)
  • Assistant Director, CN Yang Scholars Programme
  • Director, Odyssey Programme, SPMS

"The most exciting phrase in science is not ‘Eureka!’ but ‘That’s funny …’" Isaac Asimov

About me

I am a Physicist who conducts theoretical research in quantum computing. In my free time, I find silence and freedom in meditation.


  • BSc (Hons) Physics, National University of Singapore (1998)
  • PGDE (Education), NIE, Nanyang Technological University (1999)
  • PhD Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2012)


At NTU, I teach the following courses:

  • PH2102 Electromagnetism
  • USP006 What is Reality? Perspectives from Quantum Physics and Philosophy. Together with Dr Christina Chuang, a Philosopher at the School of Humanities, we designed this interdisciplinary course for the University Scholars Programme. It will run starting Jan 2021.


Opening available: Postdoc / Project Officer starting later half of 2020

My main interest is in quantum information science and technology:

  • Towards a Quantum Internet - quantum repeaters and quantum key distribution
  • Bayesian Quantum Noise Spectroscopy - noise spectroscopy with quantum dot spin qubits
  • Quantum Control and Decoherence of Quantum Dot Spin Qubits

I am also interested in epistemic-ontologic interpretations of QM:

  • Interpretations of QM - Wigner's friend and the reality of the quantum state

At present, I have an interdisciplinary project with Dr Christina Chuang (SoH) and Assoc Prof Chew Lock Yue (SPMS) which was awarded under the NTU Accelerating Creativity and Excellence (ACE) interdisciplinary grant, and parked under NTU Institute of Science and Technology for Humanity (NISTH):

  • From https to httpQ: Envisioning Ethics, Security and Trust in a World with Quantum Computers. (Q is for Quantum)

And an ongoing Physics Education research project with Dr Michael Tan (NIE).

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are welcome to email me: kohteckseng (at) ntu.edu.sg for more details.


A. Research Staff

  1. Zaw Lin Htoo (incoming)

B. Postgraduate Students

  1. Radha Krishnan (PhD student, co-supervised with Asst Prof Bent Weber )

C. Undergraduate Students

  1. Koh Zhi Yang (Odyssey-FYP: Bayesian quantum noise spectroscopy)
  2. Pang Ietro (PH2999: Bayesian quantum noise spectroscopy)
  3. Geraldine Chong (FYP: Towards a Quantum Internet)
  4. Carrin Henry (Odyssey-FYP: Counterfactual entanglement distribution)
  5. Brian Chia (Odyssey-FYP: co-supervised with Assoc. Prof Chew Lock Yue)
  6. Bryan Teo (CNYSP-FYP: Agent-based model of a world with quantum computers-an experimental philosophy perspective, co-supervised with Dr. Christina Chuang)
  7. Julianna Yap (FYP: Game-theoretic Study of Crime and Law Enforcement in the Age of Quantum Technologies, co-supervised with Assoc. Prof Chew Lock Yue)

D. Former Undergraduate Students

  1. Livardy Wufianto (Thesis: Fidelity of quantum state transfer of a quantum dot spin qubit, Currently Data Scientist at Micron)
  2. Yeoh Kirk Ming (Currently at NUS for PhD studies)
  3. Kon Wen Yu (PhD candidate, NUS; Global Winner, Global Undergrad Awards; LKY Award for Physics )
  4. Zhu Pei (Thesis: Multi-staged tesla valve logic gates)
  5. Lee Tuck Chong (Thesis: Numerical investigation of leakage in resonant exchange qubit, Currently Associate Scientist, NUS CRISP)
  6. Soh Zi Yuan
  7. Joseph Sebastian Ang
  8. Joel Yuen (Thesis: Lindblad master equation: applications to tunneling current)
  9. Lim Zhi Yuan
  10. Jeremy Lian (Thesis presentation: Physics education research - teaching EM with computational tools; PhD studies at SPMS, NTU)
  11. Gan Beng Yee (Currently at CQT, NUS for PhD studies)
  12. Woo Ying Zheng (Thesis: The role of tunneling noise in triple spin exchange qubits)
  13. Zaw Lin Htoo (Thesis: Randomised benchmarking with gate-dependent noise)

E. Former Research Staff

  1. Feng MengKe (currently at UNSW, PhD candidate)
  2. Anna Chew


My publications are captured in Google Scholar and OrcID.

Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament

I am responsible for the Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament for Singapore schools. I took over from my predecessor, Dr Yeo Ye since 2017. It is amazing what our youth are capable of under the leadership of passionate teachers and friends, with the inspiration of Physics.

"Remember when computers were going to mean you would have lots of free time? How has that worked out for you?" Jack Kornfield

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