The Prize Winners

Date:  Saturday, 19 June 2004
Time:  12:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Venue: NTUC Lifestyle Downtown East, Pasir Ris, Singapore (c/o circusOUTREACH)
Competition Competitors with ranking/ times
(Prize winners in bold)
3-Ball Endurance 1st - Robert Vancko
2nd - Yvonne Tan
3rd - Adrian Koh
15 jugglers competed
The large field of competitors in this simple but challenging event is testimony that many Jugglers here are able to more than simply juggle 3 balls.
4-Ball Endurance 1st - Robert Vancko
2nd - Loh Koah Fong
Yvonne Tan
Lin Minjiang
Adrian Koh
5 jugglers competed
In this event, juggling veterans Robert and Koah Fong took the 2 prizes easily. Sustaining a 4-ball juggling pattern while doing something else with the body is not for the faint-hearted.
4-Club Endurance 1st - Robert Vancko (4min 7s)
2nd - Lin Minjiang (28s)
3rd - Yvonne Tan (8.34s)
Diabolo - Throw into the Box Knik Pang A field of 9 competitors. Knik was the only one able to throw the diabolo into the box at Level 1.
5-Ball Endurance Robert Vancko
Lin Min Jiang
Yvonne Tan
Loh Koah Fong
4 jugglers competed
The level of skill exhibited by all competitors in this event is a casual indicator of the level of juggling skills amongst all jugglers in Singapore.
3-in-one-hand Ball Endurance Robert Vancko (48.66s)
Lin Minjiang (9.56s)
Loh Koah Fong (5.56s)
Yvonne Tan (5.39s)
4 jugglers competed
Coolest Trick / Trick Combo 1st - Koh Wee Lee - diabolo
2nd - Lin Minjiang - 3 clubs
Chan Ti Eu - diabolo
Ernie Tan - 3 balls
Hanzhong - diabolo

Wee Lee: "Wee Lee's diabolo combination moves were innovative and surprising." - Chi Minh

Minjiang: "Minjiang's club work was technically sound and transitions were smoothly made to give a pleasing effect." -- Chi Minh

Open Routine 1st - Koh Wee Lee - diabolo maestro
2nd - Yvonne Tan - comedienne juggler
3rd - Ernie Tan - fire poi player
Lin Minjiang - 3 club juggler
Hanzhong - diabolo player
Judges comments:

Wee Lee: "Yes, Diabolo Maestro with unparalleled innovativeness and slick and confident moves, this dude just keeps giving you more!" - Ti Eu

Wee Lee: "Wee Lee has been growing from strength to strength. Lots of complex moves and yet made to look so fluid." - Koah Fong

Wee Lee: "Wee Lee's strengths: Innovative moves done with great conviction. Diabolist and the diabolo move as a singular unit.Wee Lee's Potential for growth: Reveal more enjoyment while on stage. Look down less often; chin up more." - Chi Minh

Minjiang: "Excellent skill level, the diversity of club tricks is to be lauded. Great potential to become a star club juggler." - Ti Eu

Minjiang: "The next exciting club juggler to watch!" -- Koah Fong

Minjiang: "Minjiang's strengths: High level of technical performance. Clearly exhibits joy while juggling on stage. Minjiang's Potential for growth: Develop higher level of confidence while on stage. Establish stronger connection with audience." -- Chi Minh

Yvonne: "Great Creativity in a performance with an underlying concept behind it that makes her show different from others" - Ti Eu

Yvonne: "Yvonne's strengths: Very creative in putting the elements of an act together. Natural and amusing with distinctive stage presence.Yvonne's Potential for growth: Build up more rapport with audience." - Chi Minh

Hanzhong: "Wide variety of tricks and much effort is seen in this piece Hanzhong has put up. Definitely not your average next-door diaboloist." - Ti Eu

Hanzhong: "Hanzhong's strengths: Competent diabolo playing. Hanzhong's Potential for growth: Build on showmanship. A costume will also help." - Chi Minh

Ernie: "Great job there with the fire poi. Well versed in a wide variety of tricks, and body movement to go along with it. This would have been perfect in a night-setting!" - Ti Eu

Ernie: "Ernie's strengths: Very confident fire-poi playing. Ernie's Potential for growth: A costume will help." - Chi Minh

Updated: Loh Koah Fong (5 Jul 2004)