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After the fun we had at last year's World Juggling Day, we definitely won't want to miss our celebrating this year's event.

Devil Stick Master Chan Poi Swinging Props for sale! Therese with Timothy & Co.

Ti Eu was our man this year. As he is on ORD (army term meaning the discharge date) leave and waiting for a new term in university, he had loads of time to spare. With the help of Gavin and myself, the first thing we did was to go round looking for sponsors to give us a venue. Finally, we found one, Orchard Point.

With that settled, we managed to make the event bigger than last year's. Not only did we have workshops, we also got sponsors for T-shirts, a banner, publicity from Orchard Point, the media (TCS 8) and we made posters and flyers for distribution. We also set up stalls to sell bean bags, diabolos and balloons. Best of all, we had a programme of shows by our very own jugglers all lined up through the afternoon.

Here's how the day went:

H2O Zone lived up to its name because there was a heavy rain in the afternoon and the roof above the stage and audience area leaked in some places. But that did not dampen our fun. Anyway, I hope they patch it up soon.

SweetHeart the Clown YoYo Master Bai ZhiRong Ballooning...

Our very own Sweetheart the Clown Vivien Goh was there to host the event. She's so popular with the children.

Ben Matthews Roy Payamal Roy Payamal

Ben Matthews and Roy Payamal also took some time off from their work and put up a marvellous performance for the crowd.

The Sprockets The Sprockets The Sprockets

The most interesting act of all, perhaps, was by the Sprockets - Scott and Izzy. The couple, with their little boy, had driven a double-decker bus all the way from England to Singapore! Their show was so splendid -- Izzy could balance heavier Scott on her shoulders and legs!

During the event, some of the jugglers were interviewed for a Chinese morning programme "Zhao An Ni Hao". The programme was aired on the morning of 27-Jun-2000. It lasted about 6 minutes but the best thing was that they mentioned our regular Friday juggling practise. Those who missed the TV show can ask me for the video tape I made of it.

Big Toss Up! Family Photo

We rounded off the day with the traditional Big Toss Up!

Next year's World Juggling Day will be on Saturday, 16 June 2001.

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