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I work at the Center for IT Services (formerly known simply as the Computer Centre) of the Nanyang Technological University. More of that another time.

But since you are here, why not pay a visit to My Juggling Page anijugle.gif.
If you are interested in learning some tricks I know, drop me a mail!

This is another of my hobby, do check out my photography page camera_i.gif.

I was very bored at home in July-2000. So I started a planted aquarium. I didn't know it's quite addictive that now I have 3 planted tanks! Click on photo to see more. mytank_s.jpg

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Loh Koah Fong

Special Announcements/ What's New?
World Juggling Day

WJD 2007 @ Esplanade Underpass

World Juggling Day 2009
Saturday, 20 June 2009

We had a great time juggling at Esplanade/War Memorial Park. Click here to check out the photos.

9 Aug 2009

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Check out the latest on the local weather. From the National Environment Agency.

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