I. Nanosynthesis
  • Semiconducting nanowires and heteronanostructures by CVD and solution method; most are application-driven

  • Atomic layer deposition for nanofabrication and surface engineering, especially in energy applications; ALD materials currently are only oxides

  • 2D materials by CVD, especially heterostructures (lateral and vertical);  nanostructured perovskites

II. Optical properties of low-dimensional semiconductors
  • Photoluminescence, time-resolved PL and cathodoluminescence of nanowires and heteronanostructure, including metamaterials

  • Plasmonic structures, and their coupling with semiconductor nanowires

  • Light emission in 2D materials, especially heterostructured 2D materials, and their coupling with plasmonic metamaterials
Most of these research are done through collaboration. We welcome more collaborators.

III. Energy-related applications
  • Photoelectrochemical cells (for solar hydrogen generation)  including materials design and physical processes in which the heterogeneous nanostructuring and semiconducting play roles 

  • Li-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries, supercapacitors, and emergent energy storage devices 

  • Novel nanoscale architecture design, and electrode materials surface engineering by atomic layer deposition (ALD)

Facilities for Synthesis, fabrication, and characterization