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         (a) Multidimensional systems and signal processing:

·        Multidimensional control systems

·        Factorizations for multidimensional polynomial and rational matrices

·        Multidimensional filters and filter banks

·        Realizations for multidimensional systems

·        Image and video signal processing

        (b) Bio-signal and image processing:

·        Fluorescent microscopy image processing

·        Cardiac signal and image processing

·        Skin image processing and analysis

(c)    Machine learning and applications:

·        Extreme learning machines

·        Class imbalanced learning

·        Radar signal classification

·        Fluorescent microscopy image classification




(a)    Ministry of Education, Singapore (AcRF RG 42/99), Principle Investigator, “Multidimensional signal processing of NMR data”, May 2000 – April 2003, total sum awarded: S$28,507;

(b)   DSO National Labs., Singapore (DSO/C/00/39/L),  Principal Investigator, “Wideband SAR signal analysis and processing”, August 2000  - February 2002, total sum awarded: S$126,000 (DSO S$66,000, NTU S$60,000);

(c)    Research Grants Council, Hong Kong (CRCG 10202466/19870), Co-Investigator, “State space theory of multidimensional systems: realization, singularity and stabilization”, Oct 2000 - Sept 2002, total sum awarded: HK$110,000; 

(d)   DSTA (POD 0001752), “Low frequency FOPEN Radar study”, Collaborator, Mar 2001 - Nov 2003, total sum awarded: S$895,000 (DSTA S$685,000,  NTU S$210,000);

(e)    National Institutes of Health, USA (R01 AI50747), “Image processing of immunological microscopy samples”, Collaborator, March 2002 - February 2006, total sum awarded: US$800,738;

(f)    National Institutes of Health, USA (RO1 GM071048), Collaborator, “Quantitative aspects of single molecule detection”,  May 2005 - April 2009, total sum awarded: US$1,046,500;

(g)    Japan Society of the Promotion of Science, Japan (JSPS.KAKENHI15560383), “Study on the strong stabilization problem of multidimensional systems”, Collaborator, April 2003 - March 2005, total sum awarded: JPY1,400,000.

(h)  SingHealth, Singapore (TDF/CS001/2006), “A prospective non-randomized study – measurement of pre-hospital heart rate variability as a clinical predictor of hospital outcomes in acutely ill patients”, Co-Principal Investigator, Nov. 2006 – Oct. 2009, total sum awarded: S$99,974.

(i)   Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (CSP/RF/04/05), “Three-dimensional (3D) video signal analysis, compression and applications,” Principle Investigator, May 2006 – Dec 2007, total sum awarded: S$40K.

(j)   Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (2006ICTG09), “Processing and classification of heart rate variability signals with clinical applications,” Principle Investigator, Oct 2006 – Oct 2007, total sum awarded: S$50K.

(k)  DSO National Labs. (DSOCL07023), Principal Investigator, “SAR change detection”, May 2007 - Oct. 2008, total sum awarded: S$100,000;

(l)  A*STAR (SERC 072 134 0056), Co-Principal Investigator (with A. Makur, S. Farook), "New Synthesis Algorithm Developments And Hardware Implementations For Image Processing Applied To Medical Diagnostic And Communication Systems", March 2008 – Feb. 2011, total sum awarded: S$ 514,340.

(m) A*STAR (SBIC RP C-015/2007), Co-Principal Investigator (with G.C.K. Chen, P. Chen and Z. Song), “Development of Photothermal Imaging System for Imaging sub-cellular organelles”, April 2008 – March 2011, total sum awarded: S$ 815,506.80.

(n) Japan Society of the Promotion of Science, Japan (JSPS.KAKENHI19560448), Collaborator (with L. Xu), “Algebraic Approach to Low-order LFR Uncertainty Modeling and Multidimensional Realization”, April 2007 - March 2009, total sum awarded: JPY2,210,000.

(o) SingHealth TEST Fund (TEST 08-02), Co-Principal Investigator (with M.E.H. Ong, Ser Wee, G. B. Huang), “Real-Time Measurement of Prehospital Heart Rate Variability as a Clinical Predictor of Hospital Outcomes in Acutely Ill Patients,” Sept 2008 to Aug 2009,  total sum awarded: $151,000.00.

(p)  SingHealth iTAG Fund, Co-Principal Investigator (with M.E.H. Ong), “Prospective Clinical Validation of A Triage Device for Real-Time Prediction of Cardiac Arrest Incorporating Heart Rate Variability and Traditional Vital Signs Using Artificial Intelligence,” Dec. 2010 to Dec. 2011,  total sum awarded: $ 96,800.

(q)  NMRC, (EDG11may017), Co-Principal Investigator (with Y. Zheng), “A non-invasive Microwave Acoustic Imaging Apparatus for Breast Cancer Scanning and Diagnosis,” 2012 - 2014, total sum awarded: S$200,000.

(r)  Temasek Lab @ NTU (TL-9012100261-05),  Principal Investigator, “TDOA-FDOA Geolocation and Tracking in Mixed LOS-NLOS Environments,” Jul – Nov. 2012, total sum awarded: S$24,000;

(s)  Temasek Lab @ NTU (TL-DSOCL 12193-02),  Principal Investigator, “Mobile Single Antenna Geolocation,” March 2013 – June 2014, total sum awarded: S$80,000;

(t)  Environment & Water Industry Development Council (1102-IRIS-05-04), Co-Principal Investigator (with A. Q. Liu), “Nano-Opto-Fluidic System (NOFS) For Rapid Viral Detection and Sorting Via Optical Force,” Dec 2013 – Nov. 2018, total sum awarded: S$1,702,700;

(u)  A*STAR-NHG-NTU Skin Research Grant (SRG\14011), Principal Investigator, “Digital image analysis for assessment of severity of melasma in patients,” Aug 2014 – Jan. 2016, total sum awarded: S$100,000.

(v)  Delta-EEE Joint Grant (M4061567), Principal Investigator (with Wee Ser), “An Intelligent Wearable Device Incorporating ECG and Respiratory Sound for Medical Applications,” Jan 2015 – Dec 2017,  total sum awarded: $578,300.

(w) Ministry of Education, Singapore (Nanyang Technological University) (RG185/14), Principle Investigator (with G. B. Huang), “Estimation of Driver Stress From Ultra-Short Term Heart Rate Variability”, March 2015 – Dec 2016, total sum awarded: S$98,600.

(x)  Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) (TL-9015102100), Principal Investigator (with Guo Xin) “Project Mosquito Net,” Oct. 2015 – Oct. 2018, total sum awarded: $1,979,000.

 (y) Ministry of Education, Singapore (Nanyang Technological University) (31/16), Principle Investigator (with Y. C. Lim), “Optimization of High Performance FIR Digital Filters and Filterbanks For Efficient Implementation”, Nov 2016 – Dec 2018, total sum awarded: S$50,000.






(a)      Post-doctoral fellows:


(1)   Yonghong Zeng, 2000 – 2002;

(2)    Yuping Cheng, 2001-2003.

(3) Niladri Puhan, 2008 - 2009;

(4) Huiling Xu, 2009 – 2011;

(5)  Zhang Jingbo, 2013 - ;

(6)  Sun Lei, 2015;

(7)  Oh Boemseok, 2015 -;

(8)  Yu Yajun, 2016;

(9)  Zhao Ruijie, 2017.


(b)   PhD Students:


(1)   Yuanjin Zheng, 1999 – 2002, PhD thesis “Contributions to nonstationary adaptive signal processing and time-varying system identification”;


(2)   Hong Ye, 2000 – 2005, PhD thesis “Global optimization and biomedical applications”;



(3)   Yongzhi Liu, 2002 – 2007, PhD thesis “Design of Finite Impulse Response Filters with Reduced Group Delays and Active/Robust Array Beamformers”;


(4)   Hongtao Yu, 2003 – 2009, PhD thesis “Efficient rate-distortion optimization techniques for H.264”;


(5)   Yau Wong, 2005 – 2012, PhD thesis “Limit of the Accuracy of Parameter Estimation for Moving Single Molecules”;


(6)   Jiuwen Cao, 2008 – 2013, PhD thesis “Further Studies of Extreme Learning Machine and Compressed Signal Detection”.


(7)   Lili Yi, 2008 – 2015, PhD thesis “Target Tracking in Mixed LOS/NLOS Environments”;


(8)   Hongming Zhou, 2009 – 2014, PhD thesis (co-supervisor) “Extreme Learning Machine for Classification and Regression”.


(9)   Bilal Mirza, 2010 – 2015, Ph.D. thesis “Sequential Extreme Learning Machine for Class Imbalance and Concept Drift”.


(10) Tianchi Liu (co- supervisor), 2013 -;


(11) Yunfeng Liang, 2014 -;


(12)  Dongyun Lin, 2014 - ;


(13) Shaonan Zheng (co-supervisor), 2014 -;


(14) Qinglai Liu, 2016 -;


(15) Siyuan Peng (co-supervisor), 2016 -;


(16) Huiping Zhuang, 2017 -.




(c)   Masters students (by research):


(1)   Guoping Zhang, 1999 – 2000;


(2)   Wee Kok Ng, 1999 – 2000;


(3)   Soon Huat Ong, 1999 – 2000;


(4)   Qiyue Zou, 2002 – 2003;


(5)   Xuming Lai, 2002 – 2004;




·  Chapters in Books : 4

·  Journal Papers : 149

·  Conference Papers : 156

·  Patents : 2

·  TOTAL : 311

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