Lap-Pui Chau  (周立培) , Ph.D., IEEE Fellow


School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering,

Nanyang Technological University,

S2-B2a-09, Nanyang Avenue, S(639798),


Tel: +65 67904239



Recent Research Interests:

·         Robot vision applications: highly accurate depth estimation, rain removal, haze removal, and underwater imaging

·         Artificial Intelligence for IoT applications

·         Light-field imaging system

·         Human motion analysis

·         Machine Learning for image and video analytics


Research Results Demonstrations (click below links for details):

·         Rain Removal (with video demo).

·         Human Fall Detection (with video demo).

·         Facial Expression for Human Computer Interface (with video demo).

·         Light Field Acquisition and Processing System (with video demo).

·         Sparse Low-Rank Matrix Approximation for Mesh, Mocap, Image and Video Compression (with video demo).


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